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Photographer, IT Nerd, Leader, Gunzel, SF Author, Crea+e
Photographer, IT Nerd, Leader, Gunzel, SF Author, Crea+e

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Why is there a fish in my orange?

I suppose it makes sense since Tentacthulu was in my lemon.

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Night Lights

This young lady was performing Jazz and other music forms on stage at White Night in Birrarung Marr.

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Weekly Wrap 18/2/2017 (written 19/2)

Image of the week goes to +Richard Gay with his fairy

What a stunningly amazing week we've had. Probably one of our most interactive ever and in excess of what some people refer to as "the old days" of the beginnings of the original community. I'm proud of what we've achieved in this community. The camaraderie and support are no small thing. Well done everyone.

Under discussion this week were contributions from +Paul Francis, +Lady Fran W and myself for hints on how to deal with and get good results from White Night.

+Terry Corbett brought up a conversation from Facebook which has some interesting ideas (yes, even I went to FB to read it) and the mentorship I mentioned is still open.

Meetups and Photowalks
There were several photowalks that happened over the last week, and a bunch coming up. White Night was simply huge with at least four walks that I was aware of and I spotted plenty of the population of this community out on solos or with a friend or two. Looking forward to your images.

Wed 1st March Frank Yuwono QV Summer Night Market 7pm with Samyang, Benro and MeFoto bringing gear to try.

March 25th - Brunswalk with fire II - +Charles Strebor is back in town and will be leading this one and there will be fire (assuming its not a total fire ban) with his poi and I'll bring mine also.

April 23rd - +The "36" Annual Photowalk - how will you shoot your 36? This is a walk open to film and digital but only 36 shots. This is a walk that started in this community and is now open to anyone in the world.

Meet the Locals
Some great Street coming in from +Jason Boyes who loves his Street photography. To join into this category share your candid impromptu images taken in the street of people you do not know. For those of you a little daunted by taking on people, try statues at first like Jason did.

Images from Chris Hodgkins (who I can't plus mention) +Kwanghui Lim (who had a nice little guess the location - game - this was cool - more like this would be great) and +Simon Wilson wondering how some of us are better at others at staying spotless, +Jason Boyes contributed an interesting set from around the arts precinct, +Ian Crocker showed us the Melbourne Time Capsule from times past which makes me think about how we preserve our digital albums after we pass on. +Richard Schipper found that often the gallery is the exhibit and +Jason Boyes let us into his construction world for a moment with his shot of dismantling a tower crane. That's the kind of thing I'd abseil off :).

The Burbs
+Richard Gay headed out to Blue Lotus in Warburton which is an awesome place to go hang out for a day. +Kwanghui Lim found a rainbow above the Telstra tower in Box HIll, +Richard Hallford shared some of his ripening tomatoes (looks like his are late going like mine), +Matthew Conway brought us the sights of Anglesea which until recently was more of an "Away" than "Burbs" but that big new freeway has really changed that. +Terry Corbett found some colourful street art, and I made a crack about ICE in St Kilda.

+Tony Tulloch sparked a conversation about how many Mt Eccles with his post from there and +Richard Hallford shared steps to the sea along with +Richard Reeve following some unspoken Richard Photo Theme of water with his Paradise Falls, +Linda Ripper brought a little Brisbane pier to the mix and +Susan Menis remembered Paris.

+Richard Schipper has been at the Geelong antique market this week. It would be good to see some more use of this category to get together socially and collaborate.

Last week was Night Lights and because it was it was set so late in the week and because plenty of us have shots to use its going to stay in place this week for a bit of a double header.

I brought a White Night image, +Richard Hallford brought us a White Night of a different kind.

Quiet this week.

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I thought I'd recap our meetup from last night for White Night. White Night was started in Paris France and is celebrated now by 20+ cities around the world. It's a single night running from dusk (7pm) to dawn (7am) and celebrates many different forms of the arts. You can find out more about Melbourne's White Night on their website I've been to all of them over the last five years, the first was simply unexpected and amazing with the others never living up to the hype generated by the first one until this year, I think the organisers got the balance right and the spread of arts and exhibits was good and it was possible to escape the crowds easily to move from place to place.

The official walk was from 12 midnight to 7am finishing with breakfast. I went in early with a good mate and we started with dinner at The Pumphouse Hotel in the Monkeybar.

The food was good and for the most part the service was good and pleasant although it was tempered by the initial greeting.

After that we did a scouting walk to see where the main exhibits were before the main walk started. First up we headed into Melbourne Museum which had selected exhibits open for free as part of White Night including this one about Australia's indigenous Aborginal people called Bunjilaka. The exhibit is excellent and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to understand more. One of the exhibits is this animated bird that is lit via projection and moves to a voice over explaining the stories and history. You can find out more here

We took our time and checked out quite a few of the arts on offer taking part in an interactive piece called Purple Rain in honour of Prince

We wandered some more and were joined by another Melbourne Local Guide then headed back to the meeting point for the midnight walk to start.
White Night is divided into several precincts and I'll convey just a few of the images here

We finally finished up in Melbourne's famous DeGraves Street which is a narrow crowded alley with around 20 different cafes to choose from. At 6.30am only one was up and running so we went to that once. Pleasingly they had a Big Breakfast (eggs, bacon, ham, tomato, mushrooms, spinach). It would have been nice to be more choosey because we knew they only had an average of 2.1 and I have to say their food didn't disappoint - that 2.1 is about right although I was generous and gave them a 3.

In hindsight I was probably too generous, but I'll leave it stand for now.
The last of the people in the meetup made their way to Flinders Street Station (our main railway hub station) to make our separate ways home. After catching up on socials and a few microsleeps I made it home safely and judging by the posts so have the others.
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If you went to White Night remember this week's challenge is Night Lights. Do Melbourne a favour and post to Melbourne Local Guides community too please to help show off our city and envigorate the mlg community as well as get yourself some more exposure.

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This time with some lights on we see the amazing colours.

Having made it home from the WhiteNight overnighter photowalk and injested all my images and experienced a couple of micro sleeps while doing it, I'm gunna do what my brain wants me to do and have a nanna nap.

OM-D E-M1 II, 12-40 f/2.8 lens

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My favourite shot from White Night and it's got nearly no lights, oh and this is a 1 second hand held image. Stable. Very.

Oly OM-D E-M1 II

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Can't blame wind power this time. Coal doesn't work either when the wires are gone.

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Most grand from +Joel Bramley​
Last night I was at Lake Weeroona in Bendigo (unplanned) for a another sunset, only had a small tripod with me but it did the job. I was sitting on the ground with next to my camera getting long exposure photos though the wires of the fence. This photo is made from 4 images each one capturing for 40 seconds with the help of a 10 stop ND plus CLP filter. If the Boardwalk had some lights on this shot would have been that much better.

ISO 100 | 40 sec | f/10 | 12mm

#sunset #panoramic #bendigo #water #lake #longexposure #olympus #reflection #amazing #sun #waterscape #panoramic 

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This CAT is about to take a dump on this poor unsuspecting Kenworth

#CATurday for the usual #CAT lovers +Phil Y +Nicole H +Jennifer McNaughton +Terry Corbett +Eric Geissinger
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