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Is Your Museum Guilty of Weaselly Pay Practices? Answer These 6 Questions to Find Out!
I attended the excellent NYCMER (New York City Museum Educator's Roundtable) Conference yesterday.  Even though I enjoyed myself and learned a lot, discussions about museum pay and the relationship between museums and their workers, interns, and freelancers...

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3 Museum Projects To Support
After my recent cross-country, back-to-back, museum conference trips , I thought I would highlight three museum projects that can benefit from your support: Exhibition Journal, ExhibitFiles, and the Museum People's Tattoos blog. Exhibition Journal NAME  (Th...

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Cross-Country Conferencing!
I'm excited to be attending (and presenting at!) two of the largest museum conferences in the U.S. at the beginning of May. This year the Association of Children's Museums (ACM) and the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) conferences are scheduled to happen ...

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Which Stupid System Haven't You Changed Yet?
Not every system is a good system.  We set up procedures to more easily deal with recurring maintenance problems or customer service challenges or billing situations so that we can address things in fair and efficient ways, and then move on without another ...

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Hunting for Museum Easter Eggs
In honor of the season, here's an encore post about museum "Easter Eggs."  Enjoy! Museum designers often add "Easter Eggs" to their work.  But not the brightly dyed or chocolate-y varieties --- these are more akin to the hidden  "Easter Eggs"  that you may ...

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Review: The listening dimension
If Olafur Eliasson wasn't already one of the world's most interesting living artists, he would be my very favorite science museum exhibit developer. Eliasson's elegant grasp of the connections between art and science are on display in his show entitled  " T...

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Add Numberphile to Your Creative Toolbox!
I've recently fallen down the rabbit hole of Numberphile , a great math-oriented website and related YouTube channel filled with all sorts of clever ideas that should be of interest to educators and exhibit designers alike. One of the things I like best abo...

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Can Laughing Cups Help Libya?
My work brings me to many unexpected places around the world, but I just returned from what may be my most interesting trip so far --- working with folks from Libya, but in Tunisia! So how did I end up in Tunisia?  Earlier this year, I was contacted by Prof...

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Design Inspiration: Paddy Bloomer
Paddy Bloomer is an artist inventor explorer and plumber based in Belfast.  He has done projects in sewers and derelict factory chimneys, alleyways, and lamp posts.  He has a knack for making interesting installations that either explode or are slightly dan...

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Add "Office Supply Ninja" to Your Exhibit Prototyping Resume
Thomas Edison said,   "To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk."  His reference was to inventing, but he could have also been speaking about  prototyping . To me, prototyping is an iterative process that uses simple materials to help you a...
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