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Paul Ohm
Law Professor and Occasional Coder
Law Professor and Occasional Coder

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When someone posts something to a "Limited" audience that includes me, I can click on the word Limited and see up to 21 of the other people in the audience as well as the total count. And, it seems like the list o' 21 is randomized, so that I will see different subsets each time, even when the poster uses the same set of circles.

So, question: if I keep taking note of a particular user's lists of 21, shouldn't I after a while be able to start to reverse engineer the contents of many (if not all) of that user's circles? Obviously, I'll never know for sure the names the person has assigned to any particular list (although I may be able to guess), but I probably can tell that person X put me in a different circle from person Y, and that my circle contains people A, B, and C, and Y's circle contains people D, E, and F.

I'm not saying this is a privacy breach. I'm just wondering if Google gave any thought to this and has tried to implement any countermeasures.

Initial impressions, one hour in: The rules about the way information flows in G+ make a great deal of intuitive sense. I have never said this about FB, because of its bewildering (and too-rapidly changing) rules of information flow, which I have never completely wrapped my head around. I hate FB, and I don't really use it. So far, I don't hate G+.
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