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I rustled up my first Google Glass app.

Basically, Glass has WiFi and Bluetooth on all the time which a) seems like a bit of a waste of battery when one or both of the mediums is not required (and let's just say Glass' battery isn't good) and b) seems like unnecessary radiation of your head.

Installation is via ADB - enable USB debug on your Glass then 'adb install' the file.

To use, wake up glass and do 'ok glass, set wireless state, wifi on / wifi off / bluetooth on / bluetooth off' - you'll get voice confirmation if the command has been actioned.

This is pretty rough and ready as a first go at knocking up something for Glass (i'll refine it some more now), but it works. :)

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i'll like to try this...i just need a pair of glass :P
cool! bit wordy though isn't it? could you not just do "ok glass, turn off wifi"?
+Simon Jones Sure, but then you'd need 4 entries in the 'top level menu', turn off wifi / turn on wifi / turn on bluetooth / turn off bluetooth. It'd make that top level pretty untidy...
I'll probably expand the features in this app to grow it into a 'Toolkit for Glass'...
Thanks for this. I agree, constantly looking for WiFi signals when I'm outside is probably not very efficient for the battery and less radiation is a great plus.
The commands work perfectly. I like how the Glass reads the state for you. :)
+Paul O'Brien Definitely. Especially with toggling these radios, it's nice to have a verbal confirmation that it's off. :) Well done sir, thank you.
+Paul O'Brien, just curious. Is your autobackup working for you?

Trying to pinpoint which of my sideloaded apps could've made my autobackup to stop.. Had toggled WiFi On for several hours now with no luck pushing the autobackup through. :) Debating whether I should run another factory reset or find which of the apps that I've installed may have caused it.
What's your general work flow with this? If you have Wi-Fi you turn off bluetooth and if you know you are leaving wifi you turn on bluetooth and off Wi-Fi? 

I'm just looking for the best strategy to conserve battery, get full use of Glass and use your (new version) app to do it :)
Generally, if i'm at home WiFi is on, if i'm about and about I turn it off. I toggle Bluetooth more rarely...
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