I recently posted my first Google Glass app, a little utility that allows you to change wireless states using voice commands.

As I use Glass, I continue to find new ways that I would like to expand and improve it. One thing that I find a little lacking on Glass (as discussed on the MoDaCo Mobile Week 54 podcast) is taking pictures. Although it's good to be able to take pictures quickly, I would also like the option to correctly 'frame' a picture before I take it, which currently isn't possible. Enter my second glass app.

I have expanded my first app into a 'toolkit', so one APK now installs both the wireless state changer and the camera tool.

The new feature works like this. In your top level voice command menu you'll now find an option called 'Open camera'. Choosing this will give you a live preview of the camera. To then take a picture, simply press the shutter button on the device and things will proceed with all the usual choices.

Of course, using a live preview means the Vignette option is not really applicable, but I think it's pretty useful. Let me know if you try it!

This is rough, Beta, etc. etc. with tweaks and improvements to follow, but to get started, install the APK below using ADB - 'adb install com.brightattic.toolkit.r2.apk'. If you have the original wireless state APK installed you'll need to remove it first with 'adb shell pm uninstall com.brighattic.wirelessstateutility'.

Enjoy! :)

Download: http://content.modaco.net/dropzone/com.brightattic.toolkit.r2.apk
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