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I recently posted my first Google Glass app, a little utility that allows you to change wireless states using voice commands.

As I use Glass, I continue to find new ways that I would like to expand and improve it. One thing that I find a little lacking on Glass (as discussed on the MoDaCo Mobile Week 54 podcast) is taking pictures. Although it's good to be able to take pictures quickly, I would also like the option to correctly 'frame' a picture before I take it, which currently isn't possible. Enter my second glass app.

I have expanded my first app into a 'toolkit', so one APK now installs both the wireless state changer and the camera tool.

The new feature works like this. In your top level voice command menu you'll now find an option called 'Open camera'. Choosing this will give you a live preview of the camera. To then take a picture, simply press the shutter button on the device and things will proceed with all the usual choices.

Of course, using a live preview means the Vignette option is not really applicable, but I think it's pretty useful. Let me know if you try it!

This is rough, Beta, etc. etc. with tweaks and improvements to follow, but to get started, install the APK below using ADB - 'adb install com.brightattic.toolkit.r2.apk'. If you have the original wireless state APK installed you'll need to remove it first with 'adb shell pm uninstall com.brighattic.wirelessstateutility'.

Enjoy! :)

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You should post this to the Glass Explorers Google+ Group
Another fantastic app (or addition therein). Thanks! Will try it out once I get my autobackup problem figured out!
Always wanted to see the preview for the pics!
/Look in a specific direction.
/OK glass, undress.

Awesome! You beat me to this. Do you want to collaborate on this? I have a few ideas we can add to this. Why reinvent the wheel.... 
Excellent idea, installed and tested, works great.

Last night I also had the idea to make an APK to set the volume of Glass with voice controls "Ok glass... set volume... 50%"

I was planning on doing this today, but feel free to do it and add it to this toolkit if you find it useful ;)
Also working on a few apps as got mine a few days ago.  Have you open sourced any of your work so far?
Paul, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You,  Called Glass help line last night with the problem and you fixed it already.  You are the Man!!!!
+Paul O'Brien is there any way to install this without needing to do all the work with command lines, etc? I'm used to sideloading on Android devices, ya kno?
I have only used it a couple times but love this app,  it did crash my camera once and made the whole unit get quite hot though, i think the camera stayed open after i was done using it and then caused some kind of conflict when i went to use it again... but still its such an important ability!
This is totally fantastic! bravo! (also, my first sideloaded app on Glass)
Gao Yu
+Paul O'Brien  Looks so awesome! I'm a Glass newbie, How can I install your app on glass?
I installed it today, but twice I got messages that either the app crashed, or the camera malfunctioned. Of course I didn't write down the exact errors. :/
Noticed REALLY fast battery drain after installing (70+% drop in 2 hours with almost no use). 
+Paul O'Brien adding in your toolkit is the only change I've made today, and I saw crazy battery drain. I uninstalled, and I'll reinstall. Could be just a fluke day. Will keep you posted. 
Hey Paul, very excited about this.  Installed it and Toggles seemed to work fine.  Camera crashed a few times, each time going into a loop that required a reboot to get out of.  Any way for me to give you information that would be helpful for debugging?
Just wrote on the community asking about how to install this?! 
On XE12, it works, but you can't go through the voice route (saying 'ok glass'...'open camera'). It just takes a picture. If, however, you touch your way through from the launch screen, it works. Not ideal, but if you are framing a picture, an extra second is not really a big deal, so alls well that ends well. Great app Paul! Keep'em coming :)
If you're taking app suggestions, A great app would be tilting up to wake the screen, and then moving your head left/right to move along the timeline (left to go foward/right to go to the past). Completely hand-free action (unless you want to share something or dive into a submenu).
New version will arrive when I'm back at work after the 6th. 😊
I am trying to uninstall com.brightattic.toolkit.r2 .apk with./adb?, what is the program name?
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