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Sky are responsible for at least two reasons that streaming media providers such as Quickflix are going to find it hard to get started in NZ: exclusive deals with ISPs for unmetered access (preventing those ISPs from unmetering other streaming services) and exclusive content deals (preventing other streaming services from providing the content).
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Isn't an exclusive deal of the first sort a pretty blatant anticompetitive ploy? How do they get away with that?
I'm trying to come up with a coherent explanation of why I think some exclusive deals are unethical and others can't. The best I can describe it is like this: If you're selling something, you're perfectly entitled to be as restrictive as you like in who you sell it to, including exclusivity. You shouldn't, however, have any right to restrict the buyer's or reseller's other activities in return for the privelige of selling your product.

In short, "I will not do <x> with anyone else" is fine, but "you may not do <x> with anyone else" isn't.
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