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Sad to read this, but I'm hopeful that Moz will come out of this in better shape.

Paul New

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Great early work from St. Vincent.

Paul New

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Record Store Day! Our new Go Go Slow single will be available at Rush-Mor records in Milwaukee. The weather promises to be great. Go and get your vinyl on today! 

Paul New

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Keith Emerson died today. I'll miss that prog rocking knuckle-head.

Paul New

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Stirrings at Twitter. 
Oh my... Twitter's US Head of Ad Sales just confirmed that their 'data' isn't worth that much.

For years, we have been told that the social networks are worth billions of dollars exactly because they have so much data about us. They say that they can use their platforms, the logged-in user profiling and all those other factors to target people with advertising. And, for years, we have been told that this was what made them special, and that without this treasure trove of data the advertising wouldn't work as well.

The problem is that, in most cases, the returns haven't lived up to this promise. We don't really see the conversions we would expect from this amazing data. Instead, most social advertising campaigns seem to perform no better than anywhere else, with the only real difference being the format. Obviously an in-stream ad that matches the other posts (native posts) will perform better than a display advertising.

And Twitter's US Head of Ad Sales have just confirmed this. In an interview with Digiday, he revealed how they are now running ad campaigns to people coming from outside of Twitter (aka not logged in), and that these ads perform the same as Twitter's internal ads.

“We can provide the same level of deliverable results that we can with logged-in users,” Derella said.

Think about this for a moment. This means that Twitter's massive trove of profiling data isn't worth anything extra.

Granted, Twitter's non-logged in ads are not completely untargeted. They instead use Google/Doubleclick to serve those ads. As they say:

"The ads that are served to these visitors, mostly target by interest, based on the type of tweet they are viewing. For instance, during the Super Bowl, Marshawn Lynch retired from football and announced it with a tweet."

"We do have that understanding of where people are coming from. If they click on a Marshawn Lynch tweet, then we’ll make some assumptions … and we’ll develop a profile to serve the most relevant ad possible."

They are interest based.

I have written about this many times before, but lately in "The Uncertain Future of Advertising"

In this article, I talk about how targeting who people are is mostly crap compared to what people are doing. And Twitter now proves this by saying that ads for non-logged in people perform the same as for those who are logged in. They prove that the real metric for advertising is intent based to a far greater extend than being personality based.

But Digiday still goes on to say:

"Targeting is one of the biggest demands from advertisers, and the larger the logged-in user base, the better a platform knows its users."

No. Not according to Twitter.

Twitter just said that it doesn't matter if they know their users or not. As long as they know what they are doing, they can deliver just as effective ads. Who people are don't matter that much.

I have seen this for years as a media analyst. All the platforms keep talking how valuable they are because of how much data they have about you and how they can use that to target us. But when we look at the advertising results, the ad performance hasn't gone up.

I will repeat what Twitter said:

"We can provide the same level of deliverable results [with interest based ads] that we can with logged-in users [profiling based ads]."

Doesn't that make you think?

You can read Digiday's article here:
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Paul New

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It gets better after Hart and Ice Cube jump in the back. 
This is one tough driving test.
If 'Conan' staffer Diana can ignore their tomfoolery long enough to focus on the road, then she definitely deserves her license.
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Paul New

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Back when we reunited for one amazing weekend. Six years ago...time has flown.

Paul New

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It was an interesting weekend. My (very old) band had a Record Store Day release, and from what I hear, it sold well. 
Late local punk band the Crusties’ debut full-length album “Crustunes” is coming out on vinyl for the first time, for Record Store Day this Saturday.

Paul New

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It was strange to stand on the stage and not play the drums. Here is a shot from my +GoPro. The band is The Crosses, and they performed this past Saturday night at Turner Hall. It's a screen shot from video, and it's still amazing. 
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Paul New

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14 degrees here, and I love it. I'm happy to be back in Wisconsin. Yes, San Jose was great, warm, and fun. Still, Tina and Philip warm my heart. 

Paul New

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As much as I loved the Brit punk/mod sound, I didn't think much of The Jam.  Now I do. Great documentary. 

Paul New

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Our Go Go Slow set list from last Friday night. We added five "F*ck Face" songs to the end, just to do me in, physically. Great show at Circle A in Milwaukee, followed up with a great show in Green Bay. 
Drumming my way through short summers and long Wisconsin winters
A long time ago I told my friends that I could play the drums. It's 28 years later, and I'm still fooling everyone. I'm into drumming, Border Collies, Tina, nature, and realism.
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I played drums on the world's loudest sound system, with the volume set at "2" I'm sure.
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