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Paul Nakroshis
Physics Professor, Trail Runner, Photographer
Physics Professor, Trail Runner, Photographer

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My piano tuner lent me a book about Glenn Gould (that somehow I hadn't yet read) and I came across this funny quotation from Gould:
"it's true that I've driven through a number of red lights on occasion, but on the other hand, I've stopped at a lot of green ones but never gotten credit for it"

The book is called "a romance on three legs.
Glenn Gould obsessive quest for the perfect piano

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As with most humor, this is funny because there's truth in it...

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Excellent spot on editorial by Dr Aseem Malhotra.

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Post #1 from Iceland!

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Seriously good video ! New England makes fun of the snow...

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Hi Steve --- any chance we could set up a sage notebook server for use on campus?

I've included a link for someone or someone up elsewhere...the on-campus server would be significantly faster than the web server in Washington state. If there can't be one set up in Luther Bonniy is it something I could set up on my own computer in my lab?

If you haven't seen it, it's worth checking out and telling mathematicians about it...


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An oldie by a goodie.:-)

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Stuck on Peaks Island today...all ferry service down. Lot's of shoveling and amazing wind.
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To my physics 121 students here's a list of topics you should study for the final exam. 
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