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I think my reminder system has finally reached "Overkill" status. When I set a reminder in Google Calendar the following happens when the time comes:

Outlook notification
Google Calendar notification (if the page is open)
OS X Calendar notification
Phone/iPad calendar notification
Text message reminder from Google
Email reminders in browser and on phone and tablet

It's like a freaking instant gadget notification party whenever I have to do something! There are sounds and pop-ups everywhere and I'm pretty sure one of the gadgets always finds a corner to throw up in.
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Oh crap, that reminds me. I need to do the thing that the reminders were for but got distracted writing about the reminders. 
Imagine that you're in a modern, and quite office, about 30 people around you. Light murmurs and keyboards quietly clicking away as everyone's trying to finish up last minute tasks before that all-staff meeting that is in exactly 15min, 5sec.

Now +Paul Murley consider that each and every of 30 or so people around you have a similar amount of phones, tablets computers and other gadgets as you do. All of them technical experts whom know the importance of synchronized clocks and accurate time keeping.

Then think about what will happen in exactly 5 seconds...
Pretty sure I'd have to learn how to breakdance if I was in that situation. Any other kind of reaction wouldn't do the gadget party justice.

In my case, I've got this whole gigantic part of our office to myself for a couple of weeks so I'm bleeping and blooping like there's no tomorrow to the soundtrack of metal, dubstep and drum and bass, lol.
That's because I'm a heartless bastard :P

What's happening in your neck of the woods Lhasa?
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