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I checked my magic 8ball, but it said his Outlook was bleak
That's interesting. Maybe you should Publisher your findings.
Don't Powerpoint your finger at me to do all the hard work
Fine. I'll find someone else to Access your files to finish off your work. Bludger :P
They will never guess the InfoPath of my files
Too late! We've already got the files. Servers you right for trying to hide it from us.
Maybe we can make an Exchange here
OK but it'll have to W8, I'm busy.
I'll leave OneNote on your desk with further details
You all need to Access the funny farm
I'll need to find my glasses; my Visio-n isn't what it used to be.
OK considering Cam's predicament we'll leave everything on the FrontPage where he can see it.
This will surely make the FrontPage!
you are all so Enterprise-ing. I wish I could Excel so well at punning
Someone needs to investigate, an explorer of sorts.
I'd use a browser to investigate using the 'net but it's crap (I.E. the standard one)
I will check with my Task Manager to see if I have any spare time to investigate
We need to Start using the #mspuns  tag if we keep this up.
We've barely scratched the Surface I think..
Still more entertaining than that lara Bing-le show
Me and my Entourage are enjoying this
Well this is fun but I can't wait to finish work and have a beer at the Task Bar.
My Project-ions indicate that this thread is awesome
Oh don't Start with that! Now I want one!
So, head to the bar? I'll Windows Phone you when I get there
Cool. I'll SQL you out when I get there.
I just need to pick up some stuff from my Visual Studio before I leave
Maybe something supernatural is at play, should bust out the Spell Check tool.
Sure. Would you like to Sharepoint's or have a pint each?
I'll have to check how much Money I have. I might order something from the a-la-Encarta menu
Oh Jebus I haven't heard the name Encarta in a while. Cam, can you order me a VB? Cheers.
Hope you don't mind but I invited my comedian friend

I figured it would be fun to have a Comic Chat
Well as long as he's Live-ly and entertaining I don't mind.
brb adult shop, buying some PowerToys
Been fun, and I was just Getting Started, gotta Run!
yeah the comedian will be great +Skye Harris if he is musically inclined maybe we can sing a Duet together and Exchange Onenote or two
It's at the ForeFront of my mind :)
Oh ask if the magician can bring a harmonica to play UAC note in case there is no backing track.
well as long as there is a Powerpoint we should be OK
Oh, will you be bringing along some sort of Media Player?
We should be careful not to Recycle Bin any of these references ^_^
Definitely, for a Project of this magnitude
Starting to run dry now :P I guess I better stop MSN about.
I need to Lync some people to this thread
Yes best to get back to my other Works and be an Office Professional
A co-worker of mine is looking at going on a south american holiday. Ive asked him to bring me back DOS cerveza, and I'll share one with you next time we catch up, +Simone Hunt 
DotNet think you can get XP points for being Networked in my Places
As for the whole Office Suite I think it needs to be Recycled
I'll be a Movie Maker when it comes out on Silverlight
That sounds very WSUS-pect at best
Thread is not responding, would you like to wait for the program to respond or shut it down?

Clicks wait for program

Commencing program shut down - are you sure?

Clicks no

Commencing shut down

An error has occurred

Unable to shut down program or wait for it to respond

Coming this fall. A new film from Visual Studio Productions

+Paul Murley stars in, Microsoft Clippy: Task Killer
I hear if you say Clippy five times in the mirror he comes to your house and tries to help with your housework but ends up killing your dog and drinking all your beer.
Damn LAN settings always telling me what to do
Ima beat you with a WinSock-et wrench for that one
language like that makes my mouth depressed. I have a very blue tooth right now
I better ask my WiFis permission
I'll send a shockwave through it then
I showed a pun-hating friend this thread. He WEPt.
Maybe I should INNER JOIN the sour bastard with Data_Sense_Of_Humour
or you can have him have a Denial Of Service
My friend from the NT saw this thread and complained it was too BASIC. I told her to compile her own but she said she was too busy admiring  the Vista and  eating her aero bar. 
Oh wow, I thought we'd run out of unique references, nice one James :D

I figured not seeing anything new would've been azure bet...
Had to look that one up but it turns out it was right there on my Desktop all along...
With such Ease Of Access to the net, we can all have a little 'look at ME' time!
Ah your only scratching the Surface with that technet reference
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