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And.... Action
The just announced Google+ Auto-awesome "Action" feature is, well, "Awesome". Here's a series I shot Saturday in Santa Cruz that G+ turned into an Auto Awesome Action image.   #autoawesomeaction   #action  
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Nice release! This is a feature I suggested  the folks at +GoPro add in to (Cineform) GoPro Studio to augment their burst mode after my brief contract there. Hero3 customers were always asking how to create these composites, and the steps required in programs like Photoshop seemed a bit daunting to the casual user.
I was impressed with the new features!  When should we see them rolled out?
Did you have to do anything to trigger this to happen? Can it be forced? 
So was this video or a set of photos?
+Paul Moody Paul, may I use your image in a post about the announcement today? 
It is interesting that it did the alpha adjustment when none of the pictures actually overlapped.  
I see it now,it wasn't showing up before! That is cool!
Is that near steamers... I used to surf there when I wasn't land locked in Chicago.
Killer shot! Love that feature. Thanks +Paul Moody
Beautiful scenario.Good adrenalin rush but I hope they r SAFE when they landed! Boy that will HURT!!!!
I need friends, you can see the description.
Cant understand why they do it
Final frame should have been a wreath of flowers and a candle against the base of the cliff.
+Paul Moody what kind of phone was this taken on and does the new feature take this out of a video or did you take several shots?
+Dustin Carpenter shot with a Sony NEX7 in continuous shot mode at 24 megapixel JPG/RAW. So not a phone, not a movie. Just a bunch of stills uploaded to G+, and Bam, magic : )
Paul Moody, you are one hell of a diver! Nice form on a incredible reverse...
Hey, great minds! I like the opacity treatment here.
+David Polzine this was done automatically by G+ (I also did a manual version in PS - I even animated one, but this one was free from G+ with zero effort). The alpha treatment is Auto Awesome Action's way of handling overlapping 'subject of focus' 
Nice, that would save a half hour of masking a half dozen images. Have I missed it all along or was it part of Monday's rollout, +Paul Moody?
+David Polzine Nope, its new and part of this week's rollout - it will happen to old uploads if you uploaded a set earlier.
Everyone keeps talking about the photography, but that is one amazing dive! Where did you learn to dive like that Paul Moody?
+Kevin McDermott I'm the one taken the photo, not the diver, which explains all the comments about the photography
Oh ok, what a fantastic dive!  Who was the diver and where was this? was it just freeform or a scheduled event?
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