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Paul Moody

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Whoa There Big Fellow
I was ... um ... 'greeted' by this guy the other day. He was very clear - these trees are occupied. His family has taken up residence, so I need to just back off and give them some space. Message received loud and clear. #hummingbird

For #treeTuesday +Tree Tuesday​ with +Ralph Mendoza+Christina Lawrie+Kim Troutman+Allan Cabrera+David R Robinson

📷 Sony a6000 🔍 Sony G18-105 🔆 overcast drizzle 💾 Snapseed FilterStorm Stackables LensFlare Photogene4 📱iPad Air
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I saw this on the cromecast today..! :-)
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Paul Moody

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My Digital Darkroom
Most photographers have these big beautiful photo processing set ups. Some even have sweet 'Man Cave' decorating. But me, I have this - a6000 with moodyflash, 3 tablets, a wireless network drive - it comes with coffee table, or whatever I set them on. This is PostPC photography - I've been in the future and it's great.

📷 iPhone 5s 🔍 iPhone 5s 🔆 none 💾 Snapseed 📱iPhone 5s

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+Holly Pöster for about 99.5% I find Snapseed and a couple other mobile apps are all I need. The trick is learning how to do photoshop (or even old school darkroom) type edits on mobile - not obvious, but possible. +Shannon Adelson I shoot RAW+jpg but find it's really rare that I need to use the RAW. When I do, I have 3 apps that do great. Sony a6000's jpg engine and me actually getting the correct exposure cover the rest. +Marc Stowe you are right - if or when I print, my mobile processed images do go through Drive to a laptop to a card. If they print from the cloud, it's straight from mobile. Archival backup is the only thing I have to use a laptop for (the wireless drive could cover this, but I like multiple offline backups and it is 2x expensive to use wireless drives for that).
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Paul Moody

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Memorial Day
To those who protected us all. Thank you.

📷 Sony a6000 🔍 Sony 18-105G 🔆 dry Californian blue sky 💾 Snapseed 📱iPad Air #memorialday
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Paul Moody

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Sunset Symphony SloMo
A whole orchestra can be seen in this slow exposure of a local favorite, Sunset. The Sea and the Cliffs nailed this performance. Wait... I love this part.

📷 Sony NEX-7 🔍 Sony 18-200 🔆 sunset + ND filters 💾 Snapseed 📱iPad Air 
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Absolutely gorgeous :)
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Paul Moody

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Pink Spikey Head
This little fellow flew in front me all of a sudden this afternoon. Quite the colorful character - something about him suggested he could tell some pretty imaginative stories about the grassy bank he's been blowing around. But, before he got a chance, the wind blew him out of frame. Just like that, story time was over.

#fridaysAREbokehlicious with #bokeh a plenty for the #bokeholics +Leo Deegan +Dave Besbris +Angie Smith +Wesly Smith +paula contreras +Robin Griggs Wood +Elizabeth Hahn +Shannon Adelson and so many more

📷 Sony a6000 🔍 Zeiss Touit 50macro 🔆 moodyFlash4 💾 Snapseed 📱Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 (yeah, that's one massive tablet).

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Paul Moody

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The Fastest Slow Possible
This guy seems slow, but you better keep an eye on him. He's known to be stealthily quick at getting things done as fast as slow can.

For #leavesONthursday +Leaves On Thursday by +Mehdia Ridder

📷 Sony a6000 🔍 Zeiss Touit 50macro 🔆 moodyFlash4 💾 Snapseed FilterStorm Stackables 📱iPad Air 
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Fantastic shot +Paul Moody!
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Paul Moody

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Oh Yeah?!!
A new kid was roaming around the 'worky worky' today. Good place to be as I think this little egret is all business.

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Looks like a painting from one of the Masters
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Paul Moody

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#wordlessONwednesday #wordLESSwednesday

Post Wednesday Words:
Talk to the Hand II
As if the hair of snakes wasn't enough of a signal. it's the hand that says it all - don't even think of trying to explain it - just talk to the hand.

📷 Sony a6000 🔍 Zeiss Touit 50macro 🔆 moodyFlash4 💾 Snapseed Stackables FilterStorm 📱iPad Air 
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...and this is outstanding!
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Paul Moody

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Triple Luck
Meet Trip, a young clover from the Red family out back in the yard. One day, Trip (Triple James Red, after his famous uncle), told me a really touching story. Clovers are reincarnated and as such, on this reawakening, Trip remembers when he was a wee sprout where he hoped, no dreamed of coming back as a Four Leaf clover. Yep, even to clover, the Fours as they are known, are magical and bring good luck. For a while he imagined all the good things he could bring the world as a Four. He even allowed himself to bask in the glory of adoration by the thankful who benefited from his magical deeds. Then, at first light after his unfurling, he saw his shadow. At that moment, he knew - his would not be the life of a lucky Four Leaf Clover. Unlike us with our single ride on life, he just smiled and said "hope I have better luck next time - triple luck even"

For #macroMonday mini theme Three by +Julie B+Marilyn Benham+John Dusseault​ and +Nina Katajamaki

📷 Sony a6000 🔍 Zeiss Touit 50macro 🔆 moodyFlash4 💾 Snapseed 📱Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2

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Paul Moody

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Quite the Pair
Not your most common pairings but these two don't care - they were meant for each other.

For #shroomshotsaturday +ShroomshotSaturday by +Michael Albrecht +patricia A +Keith Elliott and +sabeena lobello

📷 Sony a6000 🔍 Zeiss Touit 50macro 🔆 moodyFlash4 💾 #SOOC 📱iPad Air 
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Paul Moody

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Sit Back and Smell the ... Tulips?
Saturday is a pretty good day to just sit back and take in all that happened this past week. Even easier when you've got a cheerleader section like these beauties putting on their biggest moves - go tulips, go tulips...

For #tulipSaturday by +Measie Elizabeth, +Marilyn Benham and +Eustace James

📷 Sony a6000 🔍 Sony 18-105G 🔆 partly cloudy 💾 Snapseed 📱iPad Air 
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Paul Moody

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Chance to Bloom
Some flowers only get a single chance to bloom. Me, I've had many. Hoping now is another chance as I really want to brighten the world like this lovely orange bloom.

For #floralFriday by +Tamara Pruessner +Beth Akerman +Kiki Nelson and +Eustace James

📷 Sony a6000 🔍 Zeiss Touit 50macro 🔆 moodyFlash4 💾 Snapseed 📱iPad Air 
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I have to agree, you brighten the world with your lovely pictures :-) 
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