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Always Under Construction (like I-25)
Always Under Construction (like I-25)


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I always struggled with site customization and templates, this new update is incredible.  I haven't dove into any deeper features but I've already made heavy use of customization / organization and started playing on various devices.  This was a LONG overdue update and they definitely delivered big time!  So happy with it!  (Your Top 5 is right on!)

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Here's a link to the Boy Scout Photography Merit Badge Presentation I put together (102 pages ... yowser), I did the session late last year and finally got around to posting it along with my son's Merit Badge Presentation that finished the requirements!

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Keep getting stronger for the half coming up, what a great day to be out today!

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Ok, I went out to create a new banner and there was a TON of noise for using the slice tool to create a new banner image in Photoshop. Download this PSD, watch this video, view these ads ... ugh. This is all I wanted. This was PS5, I'm sure it works the same with 4 and I'm pretty sure the same with 5.5.

Enjoy if you want to enjoy it, otherwise watch the cryptic videos for 10 minutes or figure out who's PSD file you want to trust and wade through the ads.

Oh the irony that my Halloween Kit'd profile picture looks younger and spryer then my own self ...

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LOVE it! Thanks +James Harris ... that's me, likely, playing with his ISO ... there shall be no "turn the knob to the flower" for him, it is strictly "Av" and "Tv" for now ;-)
Group shot from the Google Denver Photo Walk last Sunday. This was taken while +Colby Brown was giving us the instructions for the walk. In this photo is +Paul Monday and his son Kai. It's a pseudo-HDR created with one image. #denverphotowalk

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My son doesn't have a G+ account (he's too young), so I'm posting this capture for him. I also get to talk about him ;-) I persuaded Kai to come with me to +Colby Brown 's #denverphotowalk last Sunday. On the way he got a call from his friend wanting to play football, he was mighty grumpy by the time we reached our destination at City Park. We got out of the car into the fresh air, had some strawberries I brought along and some water (Dad preparedness 101) and he started to perk up. We walked down to the parking lot where the meetup started and he was back to his normal self. He was amazed at the $50k camera that Phase One brought (sorry ... $47,999) and told me several times that they tested the sensor by having an elephant step on it (I missed that ...).

We started taking some pictures around the park, he has some fantastic ones that I will post later. He started with the geese and he got more and more focused. He perked up even more and led me over to the paddle boats where he worked on depth of field with the railing and the boats. I led him over the trees (yes, that's more my thing) where he proceeded to climb into the tree that had 4 photographers waiting patiently to take pictures while he stared up into the tree trying to get his shot (yes, my advice that you can't go home without getting dirty when you are taking pictures).

We started the walk towards the capitol and I realized that 2 miles was a long way so I put it into high-Dad gear mode to make sure we enjoyed ourselves along the way. Unfortunately, high Dad gear mode needs to be more accommodating yet, I missed 3 chances as I went through his pictures to help him tune the camera for a better shot, he had the basic framing but I needed to get him a faster shutter speed. So, as he learns, I learn to be a better Dad.

Nonetheless, he has more than enough pictures to complete his photography merit badge and, not only that, he has SEVERAL pictures that I am kicking myself for not stopping to take as well. Here is probably my favorite of his, just because it is a shot I would have LOVED to have taken.

I'm so excited about our young photographers, they have so many opportunities that we didn't have as youngsters and they are so inundated with imagery that I feel like they just "get it".

Anyway, here is the first post from my son's collection:

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