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Bill was interested in one of Romney's ideas...   #WomenInBinders   , #bindersofwomen  , #debate  
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hehe  - This might be my favorite of the memes in my G+ stream this morning.
You should give credit to the original post...
+Miguel Duran I am not the creator, but I do not know the original was shared on FB by several friends, but there was no attribution. If you know the creator, I'll include that.
We can get so much comic relief from romney's, hair brain quotes, that are even better than bush's kracker-cowboy
image. Romney, no common sense,
stiff, in a suit.  A joke of a man.
Randy H
Romney is the bomb! His tongue-in-cheek comment was spot on. People just want to complain about anything, and never will be satisfied unless they all have $10 mill in the bank. 
The best part about this post is that i read it in his voice.
This is one of the funnier memes I've seen.
We get depressed by O'Bama's words. Promises broken, or half heartedly attempted, the record that is staring us in the face is hard to deny by anyone except the faithful worshipers of this regime.
I don't care who you are voting for this is funny 
Dena B
Thank You Terry!! That's the word that's been on the tip of my tongue when trying to describe Obama's term in Office - a regime! My son asked me "Why do the two guys running for president lie and call each other names if we're taught that's not right?" THEN he said, "I would vote for ABE LINCOLN cuz HE didn't lie!"~~~~ Maybe he's got something there.
Leo T
Big pimpin' Bill!
Coco nut grabbed what a CHILD said to their mother and spun it into a worship fest....Wow....Grasping at straws and gathering in the wind....
Romney is a joke and some people of 99% is even a bigger joke if they think Romney will help them. His planing to go to war with Iran just to control the flow of oil just like Bush with Iraq. You think millionaires and billionaires care about the rest of the country? I don't think so. All they care is the bottom line. I mean sure they give to charities but in return for a bigger tax deduction. And it will NOT take 4 yrs to undo the damage of 8 yrs and two wars. Obama needs to grow some bigger balls as well and accept the failures of his presidency.
But I rather have Obama as president than someone who thinks he can fix the economy by letting out-of-touch effing billionaires to run the country.
And please Romney/Ryan leave women's rights alone. Its their body period.

Sorry if this rant of mine is off topic.
"I did not have sexual relations with that women" or maybe we should debate the meaning of "is" liberals love to play word games! Can't wait till we add "Obama loses election" to the list. 
Mitt messed up his "Fifty Shades of Grey" reference---he meant "Binders ON women." lol 
+N Paladin Then we won't ever have a "good" presidential candidate again, because EVERY presidential candidate of recent history has been at least a multi-millionaire. Just because the current President is not as rich as Romney doesn't mean he's in touch with the 99%.
Romney = Doom for All Americans and the American way of life.
Excerpt bill has binders of cows.... Monica lewinsky was a cow... Moo....- and I think Hillaryat be a man baby
lol...I luv President Clinton when he has his humor cap on
Randy H
N Paladin just stated it perfectly and Romney should replace Obi..
Quote"Obama needs to grow some bigger balls as well and accept the failures of his presidency."

I didn't realize Clinton was suspended from practicing law in Arkansas .
He also paid a $25,000.00 fine there; this was all over the Lewinski incident.
He also paid a $850,000.00 settlement over the Lewinski incident.
He was also disbarred from practicing law in front of the Supreme Court
So Bill Clinton, a disbarred lawyer, a President
who was impeached for lying under oath,
Asks the American people to believe
him when he says the best thing for the
Country is 4 more years of Obama.
Just wanted to make sure I had it right!
The President does not make laws or spend the government's money except in war emergency as that is the role of the US Congress. The US Congress determines how much White House employee's make in salary. After twelve years of Tprepublican control and tprepublican intentional spending deficit spending to ruin our Congressional Republic's government; it is a surprise to me that Women still make  make that much. We know from Romney's lies about his record as Governnor that they will be a lot fewer women working there in his administration. I voted for the US Constitutional Amendment on Equal Rights for Women. The republicans killed it back in the 1970's and they are still working today to keep paying less for equal work.
This election could be renamed as; The electoral revenge of old, angry white men who believe we should return to the laws of 1910.
+Houston White III , the republicans havent had complete control of our government since the first year of the Eisenhower administration. it must have been the democrats that "ruined our Congressional Republic's government;"
oh yeah and if you say that to me i will make a circle that says hate and put you in it!
well, it was the democrats that brought us the federal reserve, federal income tax, FICA, and just about every other piece of pick pocket legislation in our history. they are all for the poor, and obviously believe we dont have enough of them yet!
Thank you Lucian, That is a great idea. As Mark Twain stated so wonderfully: "It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so."
Republicans, don't think there's enough poor people in the world. They really don't care. All they're intereted in is keeping the rich, rich and getting them richer. I'm in college struggling and I'm greatful for all that Obama has done to help me with college expenses. Republicans only are interested in the rich, the ones that can pay for college in full on the first day of college. Well Mitt Romney I would like to graduate from college and give my POOR children (47%) a chance to eat and not to go to sleep hungry. My vote is going to Obama.
Randy H
Your stupid if you think like that...ALL parties are for the rich. How else do they get campaign funds, backing for their memoirs, and perks for their home states? It's the ones who will run the government like a business that will solve our debt. Obi is not a businessman...he just talks a good game but can't play it.
You shouldn't' takes my opinion so personal. We all have the right in
America I thought to say what we want. If you don't like it then don't
respond. You sound like a Republican that has know problem with down rating
someone that's not thinking the same you do. You have night. I only speak
with people that can respectfully have a conversation without ignorant and
hateful language when they disagree.
When Bush was in office it was hard to get help for my education. Since Obama has been in office he opened up a few doors to help me become an attorney. THANK YOU OBAMA we all are humans only those that haven't been able to accomplish all they wanted by the time wanted can throw the first rock.
its the democrats that are making the poor even poorer. people are all saying they need jobs. do they expect to get these jobs from poor people? the idea behind running a successful business, the type that can expand and grow and hire more people and pay higher wages, is to make a profit. it cant work any other way. how can anyone believe that penalizing successful businesses for making money will lead to more, better paying jobs? all that leads to is downsizing, layoffs, outsourcing to other countries, and more poor people. wake up, America!
Randy H
Trying to let you know you are being too narrow-minded. Look at the big picture, not just what the media tells us. Opinions are like axxxxxxs, everyone's got one. Neither candidate is capable of running the country in my "opinion". (Oh look, on my bumm..)
The first step in getting into one of these successful jobs (500) begins with the best education. A lot of us don't have intuition sitting in our back pocket in full. Some of us need the special programs to successfully graduate college and some to even get into college to compete with the rich, the whites in America. (AFFIRMITIVE ACTION) WHAT ABOUT THOSE PEOPLE? What about the little people Republicans really don't give a shyt about helping to get to where the rich are? (47%) I believe if for one year GOD made people walk in other people shoes/lives all at diferent times then the rich and the inconsiderate people for the less fortunate will be able to see how the (47%) (POOR) see America and then the Republicans. I have a friend who tried to get into college from 06-09. When she applied for help the government handed her loans instead of grants. Some colleges didn't even show her any interest. She was scared to except the loans due to once she graduates who would say anyone in the field she studied would hire her within the first year of graduation. (AFFIRMITIVE ACTION) She didn't want to be a statistic with an outrages debt. Oh did I mention my friend is.....I applaud President Obama for giving my friend a chance. Next year 2013 I'm proud to say my friend begins law school. She has plans to make it to Washington and change a few things for America. NO I'M NOT TALKING PRESIDENT. Have a bless day. To the less fortunate GOD will be on your side, and my friend will be on your children side once she makes it to Washington.
if your grades in high school are in the "C" range you probably will end up whining that its difficult to get into college. if you study hard, stay out of trouble get on the "A" honor roll all four years of high school there is a long list of scholarships available in virtually every college in the country, even the ivy league schools have these programs. why should the taxpayers have to shoulder the burden of cost to send under achievers to college when their prospects for subsequent employment are so dismal? how many of these college grads that cant find jobs ranked in the lower half of their class? the fact is that not everyone is smart enough to hold these high end jobs, and employers arent interested in hiring that bottom half of the class. right now in this country there are shortages of welders, equipment operators, truck drivers, and laborers. we wouldnt have millions of mexicans entering this country illegally if there werent jobs here. too many americans are too lazy to get of their asses and work for a living. even though the government wastes billions sending them to college, there is no company that will hire the bottom half as executives. time for them to stop whining, stop applying for disability and pick up a shovel and get to work. i worked construction for most of my life before starting my own business, and there is no shame in doing an honest days work. we had a word for those types back then...prima donnas. they never succeeded very well in the workforce, just like they didnt succeed in high school or college, because they were, and still are, LAZY. there IS shame in being lazy, yet our government supports it and we pay for it.
I believe even if one did get an C point grade they should be able to further their career. GOD isn't saying only people with A point grade is getting into heaven. My friend took care of her ailing mother. She fount it hard to attend school reach an A keep it their and take care of her mother until she died. Since we don't know people stories we shouldn't look down on people. If I was a millionaire or billionaire I wouldn't mind paying taxes to help and watch people work hard at reaching the better side of life that GOD has giving them. Only the selfish don't.
+Summer Johnson , so you think that while there is a shortage of blue collars workers in this country, everyone should get a college education at the taxpayers expense, regardless of their qualifications? and when they graduate and are unemployable due to their low performance levels in college they should get government disability or welfare instead of having to get a real job, and contribute to society instead of leeching off from it? congratulations! you are a true democrat! the Devil finds work for idle hands.