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Paul Minda

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If there were a fourth frame, it would show me waking up and reading my phone also....
Every night...

Illustration by Ethan Waghorn/ChewingFat
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Paul Minda

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We're all entrepreneurs...or so this article claims we should be. I find this to be quite true for research University faculty....Securing external funding, the promotion of one's ideas (research and teaching even), creation of a usable product...maybe this is the way forward from the stranglehold of multinational mega corporations...people need to own their own ideas, promote their own own the means of production. 
It’s time to rethink the relationship between employers and employees.
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We're selling naming rights to the new baby. For example "Pepsi Febreeze Gribble"
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Paul Minda

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trying to write today...This is basically going on in my mind....
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Paul Minda

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This is both deeply creepy and fascinating, but apparently kids' cereal boxed are engineered so that the mascot on the box "locks eyes" with children in the grocery aisle ....additional research with adults (using a variety of altered boxes and mascots) has found that "When the character looked into the eyes of the students, they reported feeling a greater connection to the cereal."
When a cartoon character gazes into our eyes from a cereal box, it increases our trust in the brand and our connection with it.
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+Paul Minda I have also heard that placing eyes in certain public locations makes a person less likely to steal. It has something to do with feeling like you are being watched. I assume there is some part of us that, while we can rationally  think that these eyes are not really seeing, it still feels like it.
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Paul Minda

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Paska bread... Happy Easter! 
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Mmmmmmm looks great!!!!
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Paul Minda

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McDonalds Canada has been recruiting foreign workers from Belize (and other countries), basically exploiting the "temporary foreign worker program". McDonalds is requires them to sign a lease and to live in company-owned apartments. The company docks the rent an utilities directly from their paycheck. This means they only earn about $350 every two weeks, but cannot quit because of their leases...This effectively means that McDonalds Canada is a slave master. So Fuck McDonalds.
Foreign workers recruited from Belize are accusing McDonald’s Canada of treating them like ‘slaves,' by effectively forcing them to share an expensive apartment – then deducting almost half their take-home pay as rent.
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The "irony" is that the major source of income to McDonald's are people from a socioeconomic background similar to that of their employees. 
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What's that...a rare "bloodmoon" eclipse ? Can't wait to see happy to  living in Southern Ontario....... #lunareclipse  
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Paul Minda

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I saw a big, beautiful, red fox on the trail on my run this morning...
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plus that awesome hair...
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Paul Minda

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Air Canada, folks....Asking for some assistance getting into the elevator to get to customs, the AC employee says to Mr. Perlman: "Look, I’m not your personal assistant, you’re not paying me for this, you’re the one who chose to carry an extra bag with you.”
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Paul Minda

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If you live the US, Write to your representative! This would be a very bad policy change and would drastically reduce NSF funding for social and behavioural sciences... I disagree with the bill's supporter Rep. Lamar Smith, Republican of Texas, who says that the "American public has no interest in supporting research in the social and behavioral sciences unless it can be shown to contribute directly to U.S. national security or domestic job creation"
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Remark is an excellent food resource. We've been shopping there since they opened. Produce is always fresh, local when possible, and attractively displayed. The Deli has more expert workers than any other deli in town. So the service is attentive. Special orders are easy. The meat counter is incredibly helpful, meat is cut in house by skilled meat cutters, and they sell serve Ontario Pork, beef, lamb and Chicken (as well as locally made sausages). The store can be crowded on the weekend (very crowded) but since they always keep most of the checkout lines open, you can get through in much less time than one of the bigger stores. They employ a lot of really good people. Remark is one of the best stores in London over all, and the best place to buy food in West london.
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We've used DD for over a year now, and I'm very pleased. The owner worked with us to find a good schedule, and made sure we were satisfied with the person who cleaned for us. Have the same person each time ensured that the cleaning was always done very well, and the same way. And the prices are reasonable. In particular, I was very happy and impressed with just how responsive the owner is any concerns, questions, scheduling changes, etc. Any questions we had were answered right away. I recommend DD to anyone.
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