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How do you feel about the successful SpaceX Falcon 9/Dragon launch?

I stayed up to watch the SpaceX launch last night, and I've got to admit I was more excited to see it blast off than almost any other recent mission. When the Falcon 9/Dragon got off the ground, I really felt that everything had changed: space exploration is now in the hands of people with both the willingness and resources to push outward into space. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt... we're off to the races now.

And when we look back, for the moment that everything changed, I think we'll remember May 22, 2012 as the turning point.
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+Paul McNamara not sure if you're a fan of Sci-Fi, but it is something that I've been waiting for.

I admit, many friends work at the Cape and in the many NASA centers around the US. I am sad to see the NASA budget eviscerated. So many are being let go. NASA itself is loosing so much institutional knowledge.

Yet, it's time for us to move OUT there. Given the lack of political will in our leaders, it's time for private industry to move on. Without Government.
+Greg Poulos I've never been a Sci-Fi guy, but definitely believe in space exploration and find today's political (mostly conservative) attitudes toward it staggeringly stupid. My biggest reason for being excited about these private ventures is that my 10-year-old daughter, Emma, has caught a serious case of the astronomy bug and I want her to live in a society that shares her passion for space and space exploration. (But I must say that I'm glad she's given up on her desire to actually go to Mars and has settled for merely playing an Earth-bound role in getting us there.)
My wish is for me to see her generation (and my own girls 14 and 16) go to Mars. My fear.... well, as you say, the will in our leaders is stunning.
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