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Enough with the deconstruction of public schools, please tell your representatives to vote no on HR5.

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I want to say "about time", but I'll be positive and say Thank You, Google!
We’ve been listening to your feedback, and we’re happy to say that we now offer support for importing all three major ODF (Open) file formats: .odt files for documents, .ods for spreadsheets, and .odp for presentations.

Not only that, but we’re wrapping up the year with a few more Office-friendly improvements: we support more complex SmartArt from older Powerpoint presentations, and last week’s updates are also now import/export friendly, with support for merged cells in Word and slide numbers in Powerpoint.
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It's time to take back our democracy.  Please pledge to this crowd-funding effort: a superPAC for legislators that commit to enacting campaign finance reform!

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Move to amend: Please support constitutional amendment - End Citizens United

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Introducing Samuel Adams HeliYUM

This is awesome for April Fools

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Hawaii friends, we are very close to getting citizen-financed elections...need your help to pressure the legislature to do the right thing with HB 1481.  This would put Hawaii on the map for the all the right reasons (for once).

Use this page to send email in support!

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Question: I am interested in using Glass as a heads-up display while teaching a class.  I use Blackboard Collaborate to share a web conference between a face-to-face group and an online group - I'd love to see the text chat window in Glass.  Having never tried Glass, is this possible?

Collaborate has an Android app, but is that relevant?  Seems that apps must be Glass-specific.

Android tablets can be made to act as a second monitor to Windows or OSX computers (via several apps), possible with Glass?

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Every conference call ever.
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