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Responsible Investing - How I'm investing $30,000 in deep value stocks and sharing my approach, research and outcomes with you.

Over the long term, I believe that the best way to grow personal wealth is through responsible investing - Putting money into high-quality funds and letting them accrue value over time.

Although I know that many people prefer to just stick to retirement funds, ETFs or simple index trackers, I also think that there's value to be found in building a portfolio of decent, well-valued individual stocks. Recently, I've been using an app called 'Simply Wall Street' to find discounted, quality stocks to invest in.

I've written a series of three blog posts on the approach that I am taking, my investment philosophy and the stocks that I have chosen as a result of my research. I'm also providing public access to my portfolio so that people can track my performance.

The three blog posts are:

Me, Simply Wall St and a $30,000 experiment - - In which I discuss:
- The importance of a healthy approach to investing (having an emergency fund disposable income, risk mgt)
- A little more about Simply Wall Street

Diamonds in the Rough — Finding Good Investments - - In which I discuss:
- The importance of having a good investing strategy
- The foundations of a good strategy
- My personal approach to investing (strong financial health, paying a dividend, good value, proven track record)

Finding $30,000 of value in the stock market — Picking the right stocks - - In which I discuss:
- How do you find deep value in the stock market?
- How I picked stocks to invest in
- The stocks that I picked and why I picked them
- Providing a publicly shared portfolio spreadsheet so that you can track my progress

My hope is that through sharing all of this openly that I can demonstrate that a measured, objective, research-based approach to investing can help us build wealth.

While I know that ETFs, index funds and other instruments will still be preferable to the majority of investors, I hope that those of you investing in individual companies will find something worthwhile here.

TL;DR: I'm investing $30,000 of my own money into individual, deep-value stocks that I have researched and sharing what I am doing in the hope that it's useful to other people here.

I am very happy to answer any questions and take feedback.

#investing   #stockmarket   #finance  
In Paul’s 3rd post he reveals the 16 stocks that make up his $30,000 portfolio and why he picked them.
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Investing in the stock market can be a great way to build up your medium and long-term wealth. It's important that anyone interested in buying stocks understands some of the basic principles of the stock market and investing in successful businesses.
Find out about some of the basic principles of the stock market including more than a dozen hints and tips to help potential investors avoid risk and get the most from their money.
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Diamonds in the rough - Finding decent investments

Investing is all about making the right decisions — decisions that ultimately should make you money. The question is, how do we make that decision when we have a choice of thousands of companies that we could invest in?

The New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq alone list over 4,000 companies between them; add in the various international exchanges and ‘over the counter’ markets and there’s a bewildering amount of choice. It’s against this background of results, reports and rhetoric that we need a balanced, calm and objective way to find worthwhile investments.

#investing   #portfolio   #stockmarket  
Reducing the signal-to-noise ratio in the stock market and helping you to find quality stocks that you’ll want to invest…
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Are there any investors or traders out there? If so, you might find this tool useful...

Hi folks; I've been putting together some financial tools and calculators to help investors and I think you might find this one useful. It is a 'Portfolio Rebalancing Calculator'. 

It is designed to help you easily rebalance your portfolio using percentages that you set. It lets you know how many stocks to buy or sell for each position, based on your current portfolio value and how much each particular asset is worth.

Please let me know what you think.

#portfolio   #stocks   #investment   #stockmarket  

A tool to help investors and traders rebalance their portfolios.
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Thanks very much for the share +Petia Ganeva :)
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A Happy and Beautiful Valentine's Day To All!

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you smitten, enraptured, blissful, cute, cuddly and romantic people out there. I've written some poems for people like you, so why not take a peek?

#love   #lovequotes   #soulmate   #valentinesday2015  
A collection of beautiful, romantic poems that express the beauty, mystery and inspiration of unfolding passion, love and the gifts that we share with our beloved.
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Paul Maplesden

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The Avett Brothers in full Wizard of Oz mode - US Cellular Center, Asheville, Hallowe'en 2014
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Fabulous! !
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Any comparisons on SEO performance of pages with decent, full-width header images above the fold, vs. half-width left or right-aligned?

With the increasing reliance on mobile search and the upcoming Google mobile updates, I wondered if there had been any research / thinking on the SEO Impact of leading off an article with a good, full-width image?

Imagine two scenarios:

A full-width, high-quality, relevant image above the fold but not a great deal of text or other content. The article itself is high-quality and meets other good-practice SEO guidelines (well-written, relevant, good word count, various other media etc.)

2. A half-width image, left or right-aligned with more text above the fold but otherwise identical to scenario 1.

All things being equal, what do you think is more likely to have a positive impact on SEO, especially with the prevalence of mobile search? Any links to solid data and research would be much appreciated.
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Paul Maplesden

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How to get a salary raise

Asking for a pay raise can be difficult, especially in this economic climate. However, if you're really providing great value to your company and you believe that your pay, salary or compensation isn't quite enough, you're probably justified in asking for more.

If you want the most chance of getting a pay rise, you need to be prepared for that conversation with your boss; this article provides some hints and tips to help you prepare and how to handle the conversation itself.
Asking for a pay or salary raise? This article will maximise your chances, by providing practical advice and preparing you for the meeting.
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Paul Maplesden

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Anyone who knows me remembers how disappointed I was at the failure of the Lasercat project last year. Well, never fear, for... We.Have. Created. LASERDOG!
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Me, a $30,000 portfolio and a web startup - The Experiment

I thought that you folks might be interested in a little experiment that I am involved with, regarding stock market investing. 

I've been using a new web app called 'Simply Wall Street' for a little while now; the idea of the app is that it simplifies all of the important information about the fundamentals of a business and presents it in a way that's easy for investors to understand.

I've been so impressed by the app, that I am going to put my money where my mouth is and invest $30,000 in stocks that I am going to screen for and analyze via the app. The blog post is the first in a series that I will be writing in the hope that my approach and transparency will lift some of the mystery around investing.

Please do have a read and share.

#investment   #portfolio   #stockmarket  
Today we are featuring the first of a series of posts from guest author Paul Maplesden. Paul is an independent writer, i…
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This looks really interesting. I like the simple graphics a lot. Fingers crossed that the info is as accurate as it is pretty!
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Paul Maplesden

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Beautiful, inspirational poetry to brighten your day

Here's my new project., Words Nouveau. It collects together powerful poetry and art for you and the people that you love. The aim of the site is to lighten people's moods, share appreciation and to try and make the world a better place in tiny ways.|

Please do enjoy and share.

#inspiration   #poems   #poetry   #love   #art  
Words Nouveau publishes exciting, modern, beautiful English poetry & writing online; areas include life, love, peace, inspiration & spirituality.
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Paul Maplesden

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A poem about how words are sometimes not enough to capture the utter beauty and depth of feeling towards the people that we love the most.
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