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I like doing the things
I like doing the things

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Never has a truer word been spoken

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snigger snigger
This is so true. The Android software update cycle ;)  via @bascule
This is why I like my Nexus 4. At least I get updates direct from Google. #Funny   #Truth   #android   #Google  

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Anything with "Luc Besson" mentioned in it, gets my attention.

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Ok.  So now this has my interest.
I'm also keen to go find the "novel" it was based off.

Want to know some more about development from the experts at Google?  For free?
These guys and gals have got you sorted.

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Wanting to do some mobile web development?  Try polymer.
Especially with Google putting more and more prominence on web based applications, rather than native apps.
That, and Polymer based "apps" will be, automatically, cross platform.

Q: Is there an Android|iOS|WinMobile|BlackBerry|Whatever version?
A: Yes
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