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I am the happiest man in the world!
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omg, I don't know what that is, but it looks very very bad for me, but very very good.
what the heck is all that stuff Paul? the fries look like they've got a huge lump of white mold on them and so does the burger :-(
In-N-Out burger, the absolute BEST burger chain in the world.
I hope it's better than five guys.. five guys (where i live) sucks. :-)
No contest. Five Guys has it's following, but it's way overhyped IMO (and bland).
my experience with Five guys has been horrible. overpriced for food and wasteful (5 pounds of fries.. no one person eats that much per sitting that I know of) and the one here has such rude staff. I was almost thinking one violated my food the last time i was there. left a review on google plus local and will never go back there.
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