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I found this in my pantry - never had it before. I like Cup-O-Noodles and I like the noodles a little spicy so I probably bought it as an "emergency" meal. Perfect timing as I'm not feeling well and I wanted something quick and easy.

Quick verdict: don't like it.

Not much flavor, weird smell from the 'picante' packet and not that spicy. Of course the packet of herbs and dried shrimp didn't add any value to taste or texture.

#PablosFoodReview #foodReview

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I wonder if the chicken that laid this egg is still alive.

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I would love to see #lingerieFootball in #oakland


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I was finally able to get this new flavor. I hope it's good.

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Don't write down passwords, don't memorize passwords and don't create passwords. There are many password tools, but I use #KeePass because it's #OpenSource.

It's a great tool. You don't even need to see the password, paste makes it so simple and it can generate strong passwords for you.

Ask if you have any questions.

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Yup. The Trump family didn't choose this. Don't pick on them. Donnie on the other hand....

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LOL, don't trust a man that likes his meat well done.

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LMAO - I didn't think about that.
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