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Never drown in lava twice.
Never drown in lava twice.

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Relearning git after years of mercurial... One of the major differences between mercurial and git is that in mercurial you commit directly from the working directory and in git you "stage" your commits first. Here's my summary of staging...

'git add' pushes stuff to the index, which is a staging area. We'll call it staging area most of the time in blog posts and otherwise. In fact, it's so common that we'll add a default alias 'git stage' so you can type that instead of 'git add'. And sometimes we'll use the verb update* instead of add or stage. But don't forget it's called the index, cause that's what it really is and a lot of commands use --index to operate on stuff that's staged; "staging area" is a colloquialism that's rarely used in the documentation... but not never.

*'git add -i' uses the term "update" to put stuff on the index and "revert" to remove stuff from the index. Elsewhere in git "revert" means something completely different.

When I first used git I loved it; so amazing. And I accidentally ran destructive commands from time to time but was able to fix my mistakes and recover stuff from the "reflog" before they were gone forever. This seemed acceptable; don't do dumb things and you're ok. But then I used mercurial and it was just as powerful but I couldn't do dumb things and also the commands were intuitive and consistent; verbs weren't reused to mean different things in different parts of mercurial. I didn't even notice that I stopped liking git until I had to use git again.

:le sigh:

I've been thinking a lot about Pokemon Go, Ingress, and other stuff and I think I've decided... Pokemon is without a doubt, definitely a better love story than Twilight.

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Is it just me, or does this page describe how to locate Pokemon normally, not work around the bug? Pokemon always show 3 paws for me, but the instructions say "walk until you're closer" How? What? It's broken and always shows 3...

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Teachs pokemon ball throwing techniques including... putting tape on your screen? wth, lol

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I'm not even mad...

+Netflix​ please bring back recently watched. Continue watching is a fine category, but it's completely unordered. Recently watched is where I navigated for most of my viewing. With recently watched gone, the service is less convenient. 

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Sounds like a defensive item is in the works.

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Got lunch for the rest of the week figured out.

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Part of the deal that brings Tesla's battery plant to Nevada was allowing direct sales, even though state law requires independent dealerships.

I found a couple of quotes interesting: The direct-sales exemption will probably have “very little impact” on the state’s dealers, Frediani said. I wonder why that is? Earlier the dealers were quite concerned, claiming it would be massively unfair, they'd be unable to compete, etc, etc, etc. Now it will have minimal impact? Was that the case all along?

Auto dealers in Nevada initially opposed allowing the direct-sales exemption for Tesla, said Wayne Frediani, executive director of the Nevada Franchised Auto Dealers Association. But the association came on board in the end because its leaders felt it was ultimately in their best interest to work with the governor to help secure such a big economic development project for Nevada.

What I take from this is that the autodealers association recognized it was political suicide for anyone to oppose such a huge deal... they can't lobby politicians without jobs, so now they're basically turning to the public to score some appeal points. Not that they need it, I mean everyone loves dealerships, right? </sarcasm>

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- Fargoan
- Fargo, ND, USA
-Lat/Long: 46.879700, -96.787549
-Appeal category: new submission appeal
-Reason - This is a historic building. The Fargoan was one of the oldest hotels in Fargo until it was turned into condominiums. The iconic "Fargoan Sign" was required to stay, to preserve the historic building.
More information here:
- #PortalAppeals 
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