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Not sure if you can tell from this shot on a non-retina display.  But this is the difference between Chrome Stable and Chrome Canary which I believe has better support for retina throughout the browser.

Quite startling when you see it with your own eyes.
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Ummm..I can tell quite easily and not even close to having a retina display.
+Dan Soto I can't, it looked like it was down sampled when uploaded to plus.
The one on the right is much clearer.
The left image clearly shows a fuzzy line around the letters...
+Arvid Bux +Dan Soto that is the correct config of how I shot them, it looks a lot crisper on the actual machine.
I can tell. But I'm on an iPhone, which is probably cheating :)
Text on the right looks way better but images look worse.
+Paul Kinlan I was on a MacBook.  You can still see a difference on the N7 but it's far less noticeable.
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