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But... but... bananas prove intelligent design! Why else would there be a convenient pull tab on the top?
I've been doing this ever since first seeing this video, and it is quicker and easier. I haven't met anyone else who does this. They always fight and tear at the top haha.
I do this all the time. Although the best is the pull the banana in half, so you only have to unpeel one side at a time.
Simply hold the banana with both hands, lengthwise, in front of you. Slightly bend the center, and then pull quickly with both hands in opposite directions.
+Paul Kinlan Yeah! I've been showing everyone that sees me eating one the power of the peel.
Ola Birch
Are you kidding me? Mind blowing? WOW people :) You surprise me. I always open bananas that was maybe i'm monkey. It is shocking that you never tried to open it different way. Because stem is actually a hendle. WOW
I also just recently came across this video. It's "life hacks" like this that make life that little bit more fun
Russians have been doing this for years. lol...
hmmm ... maybe I have monkey instinct ... how else would a banana be peeled?
i've been doin'it wrong all my life!!!
If I start counting I would have peeled about a million bananas all from the wrong side. Its been an enlightenment for me.
Really cool stuff
I'm on my way to the store to buy banana's to test it out.
Funny, Americans are actually probably the minority... peeling their bananas the wrong way all their life. It must be kind of insulting to learn you were doing it wrong all this time.
HA! me too! I am 45 and just figured this out about 3 months ago when I was struggling with a non ripe banana. It's the easiest thing ever! Now, to revisit the orange...
I've known the monkey way for a few years, but who really has that much friggin difficulty opening it from the other end?
What do monkeys know?..... LOL
britney the friend surely eats a lot of BANANAS lol
I am confused... I have never in my life struggled to pull the banana open from the "handle". I am now trying to imagine what is so hard about peeling a banana at all... teeth? Really?
monkeys are really the ones in charge. They have the life swinging in the trees opening bananas with ease! We have all the technology in the world and we must resort to learning how to live from monkeys on youtube!LOL
hahahaha omg please tell me this is a joke. wow i can't believe this many people had no idea about the proper way to peel a banana. COM'ON MAN!
This is an interesting technique, but it can lead to squished banana flesh at the end where you open it ... Much easier to use a knife -- or your teeth when knives are unavailable (on flights, like such as) -- to nick just below the 'stem' then pull the 'stem' away from the cut.
I've been just ripping the damn thing in half and then peeling it
I did this twice, and then stopped caring. I still open my bananas from the top for 2 reasons: I feel like I am eating it upside-down, and I have no trouble peeling from the top, ever.
In 1957 my research partner and I drove into a tiny, almost roadless village along the Pacific coast of Chiapas, in Mexico. In the back of our truck we had a big stalk of bananas, just getting ripe. We passed some out as a way of saying hello and started to eat some ourselves. Man, woman and child, the Zapotec-speaking folks in the village began to laugh at us - uproariously - at the stem-end way we were peeling our bananas. I've peeled them from the blossom-end ever since.!
OMG like like this is sooo totally awesome! ... NOT!
How about you do something productive instead of making videos of yourself peeling a fucking banana.
Lol, hilarious, I've always done this.
Learnt this in Year 2. Except we did it slightly differently. Our teacher told us to BITE the tip of the banana. Works like a charm. Mostly. Unless you end up with the disgusting skin taste get to yo. Ends up driving you demented when you've got that sour taste in your mouth all morning D-:<
Wonderful. Now everytime I see a banana, my brain will remind me of this guy's monkey-themed underoos.

Damn you, +Paul Kinlan, what have I ever done to you?!
It's about friggin' time people started using G+ for something useful! Thank you from the bottom of my banana!
I thought thats how everyone opened their bananas?
If I wanted to see a banana peeled like a monkey does it, I'd watch a monkey do it....Oh, wait, I just did!!
I have been getting at that yummy fruit for years using this method.
Opening from the bottom also reduces those bitter tasting strings.
I eat "banana's" everyday:P lol jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjk
And now you are opening the top and not the bottom too. And you get a handle to hold it with.
No offence.. but yeah i agree.. i mean COME ON!!! Peeling a banana lyk a monkey??
It's a cultural thing. I have seen Europeans peeling their bananas this way and finding it very strange that I would do it the other way around...
only if you want the pip. There is a reason that Monkeys are still in the jungle. If you have problems opening from the stock then you belong in the jungle.
So much for evolution being synonymous with progress! :D
Apparently I've been peeling a banana incorrectly -- wow.
Y did the monkey fall out of the tree?:because he was shot
that made me laugh ......................awesome
THANK YOU. This is a joy to learn !!!
Tim C
plus when you open it this way, you don't get nearly as many "strings", the whole skin peels off nearly
I open my banana from the stem side and have never had a problem with it. The beginning of this video where the guy is having all kinds of trouble reminds me of one of those infomercials where the people can't do the simplest thing. I guess if it works for you then its ok.
I think both ends are easy--no struggle. An orange, on the other hand...
Someone just did a piece on this on NPR. Fascinating.
You don't get many of the peel "strings" that you do when you peel from the top when you use this method.
Thanks,that was very informative.I will do it like that next time as I have always had problems peeling them.
That is so cool. I can now officially continue my monkey like ways lol
People actually have problems opening a banana? I open it by the stem and I never recall there ever being an issue. I just snap it and peel, pretty easy.
well that banana thing is unreal as i am 53 and just learnt how to open a banana thanks heaps no more struggling
i been opening my bananas like tht my whole life!! 0.o so tht means im a monkey??!! oh no! :D
My favorite breakfast fruit.
I like to show the banana his bad sense of fashion, and rip off his stupid top hat.
Advantage of peeling Banana this way reduces gastrities.
I always look for a knife to cut the stem so I can start peeling without squishing the banana. Thanks for sharing
I love the video.
I love even more, the amount of people whose days were made,.. ....Because they could already peel a fruit effectively.

Take your 'wins' where you can get 'em, right? ;)
I like sea urchin and bone marrow.
We all now know how to peel a banana easier now. but wouldn't it be funny if someone tried to open it sideways?
Monkeys have weak grips with their opposable thumbs, they probably can't open bananas like we do.
lmao, that's awesome...funny how amazing things can be when you take the time to look at it from a different angle.
Omfg I died of laughter when at the end you said "my hole entire life I didn't know how to peel a banana until now"
I wouldn't advise emulating monkeys. They throw their own shit at each other. When I peel a banana, I make a small mark with my fingernail in the center, then snap the banana in half. It works very well, and no monkey has ever figured that one out.!
wtf.. how dumb you supposed be - not trying to open it in different ways whole life..
This made it to Hot? Maybe I should do a video about how to pee without getting it on the seat... seriously people...
They do it this way in Jamaica as well, gives you a handle to hold your banana by.
Awesome! Thanks for sharing!
I knew this from when my daughter was little. She did it that way.
also, this way you are starting to eat the banana from the sweet end!
I'm from Europe and we opened it like this all our life, when I came to the states I was made fun of my way of opening bananas the Right way, as you discovered it yesterday.In conclusion we are not as dumb in Europe as we are
you learn something new every day! thanks!
This is making me want to go to the grocery store and pick up a bunch so I can try it out
I learned years ago to peel from the bottom. Just taught my niece and nephew.
+Chris Bickford showed me how to do this about a year ago, now I eat bananas at least 5 seconds faster on average.
Haha the joys of peeling a banana. Fun stuff :)
Dafuq? I've always done like that.
They say you learn something new every day, well I just did
My dad (born in Burma) has always done it this way ~ cracks me up to this very day!
That's how my pastor always opened them. I don't like bananas, but if I did, I'd peel them this way!
My grandma showed me how to do it so that I wouldnt have to fight with the banana to get it open.XD
O great joy!!! seriously, though, it is the way to go!!!
So I'm a monkey :) My wife thinks it is weird. But that is what I do.
and I thought humans were supposed to be the smartest mammals...
Its ironic that I stumbled across this in the what's hit stream just after posting about Jane Goodall. I will never open a banana the wrong way again.
That vid has been around 4 so long.....I saw it like 5 years ago
Mental head slap, so simple
HIp Hip Hurray! Long live to the monkeys!!!!
Rhys---it is NEW to some of us....Why spoil it?
I've known this for some time..yet I still peel by the stalk. People are sheep..long live the iPad
From now on I'm going to peel bananas like then my friends will be all like, "What the crap?!"
haha ive opened it like that all my life!
That is amazing! I eat a banana everyday and complain each time I try to peal one. Thanks for the post
I guess it depends on the monkey but most of those I've seen just bite the peel away or eat it with the inside... Although this way is indeed easier if you want to peel it!
There's a reason monkeys do it this way. Comfort and Cameron might want to know about it.
this is important to learn - CNN style important
I heard about that on NPR. Thanks for your vid demo. Like the shorts, especially. And how you bit the banana.
I've always peeled bananas from the smaller end.
As soon is I saw this i tried it out! It works wonderfully. IDKW how we started opening them at the 'top'.
now that's winning like I've never drank Adonis blood before!
I saw this the other day. I never felt more stupid in my life XD
My eye just went bloodshot, such was the force inflicted on my brain by this video, it simply could not handle it !!! or it could be pink-eye, not really sure yet !
This should be taught in grade school. For pity's sake, I am 44 years old. Thanks.
peeling bananas... even a human can do it!
Learned how to peel a banana like a monkey a long time ago, it was from one of my relatives at the zoo!
o oo
LoL this is the same way i felt until I worked at StarBucks.. Thats the way they told us to peel the banana. ^_^ I was in shock!!
You're supposed to open them?

No wonder I don't like bananas. LOL
Its official. You're a monkey now.
last monkey I saw that ate a banana just broke it in half and ate it. I don't think Monkeys are really that tedious about their banana opening and how neat it is. I took the other monkey way and now I just break my banana in half and peel it from the center. That's what the monkeys taught me!
wow, that takes alot of skill.
i know how to put banana
Where would we be were it not for the monkeys (that was a rhetorical question folks...)
Nancy V
ya gotta peel it from the bananus
I knew that from working in a cafe. It is so simple when you know how don't you think?x
hoo really wants 2 no how 2 peel a banana
What is it with bananas? Didn't Kirk Cameron use a banana to prove the existence of God on youtube? To think I hate bananas...
Everyone I know knows you open a banana from the tip not the stem. Silly americans.
yeah watching a monkey doing that is how I learned too, catching ants with a stick I haven't quite gotten the hang of yet.
it is just him pilling a banana
Wait americans are silly?!? have you ever seen how ridiculous the UKs traffic is jk we are crazy
wtf.. how dumb you supposed be - not trying to open it in different ways whole life..
Wow you learn something everyday and i just have.....what a neat tip. yep thanks monkeys.
if i was a monkey ya great tip
lol thats pretty cool how does she know that thats how monkeys peel bannanas though?
Simple but effective, Cheers!
awesome!!! im gonna try that
who cares its boring i know how to peel a banana dude
Who the hell opens a banana from the stem? I've been opening bananas from the tip ever since I was a little kid.
I'm 59 and love bananas and finally I too the correct way to peal one. Can't wait to demonstrate while making frozen drinks.
man i already know how to do that i learnt that 7 years ago and i am 12 rite now
Thought this was common knowledge? :P
i personally hate bananas
i get nawshus or however u spell it when i smell them
but my BFF loves bananas and im sure shell love this
i realy mean it people.
:] :] :] :]
Kool! Thank's for sharing! I thought you were going to just break it in half!
All of a seems easy..thank you sensei.
ive never thought of that
I must b a monkey thats how i open bananas lol
i ve been doing that my whole life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I could've posted this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
i m bengali possibly rusian and australian
Thank u i did not know how to open a banana coooooool! 0o
You can truly say I got that from a monkey. 
...and that is why evolution takes thousands of fucking years! Humans are slow learners....
Wait a minute...he's peeling away the bitter outer skin? Brilliant!
that is awesome I want to be a monkey
yup..exactly like a monkey!
I've been telling people this for years! "You're eating it wrong." They always look at me like I'm crazy. The stem also acts as a nice 'handle' for your banana. Do it like a monkey...
y u be sproutin y'all bananas with lil wayne in yo socks brah!
i peel it the human way it works fine. y not put human achievement to use? USE A KNIFE
I think of this as a kind of intelligence test. It's BY FAR the easier method.
thats cool but i no an easyer way
This is retarted and everyone in their right mind already knows how to do this
So simple, it's brilliant. Everyone I've ever known has peeled from the stem end.
lmao the noise it made aaaah chills hahaha
Just like Unix....there is more than one way to do it always.
whoa that is cool i never thought of that but a monkey did i am so embarrassed
After all these years peeling the hard way...
We should teach all monkeys to do it our way.
WAHHH..thats cool
Why don't they teach this is school?
What's the so called trick in this. This was known since a very very long time.
LMAO.. I have always peeled a banana like this.. and some weeks ago, my friend told me "u know u peel that banana the same as monkeys".. I'm like.. "ok?"
first iv seen that... i am impressed
I've always wondered why people peel the banana from the stem... I've opened it from the other side my whole life
that makes me really want to tell god to go back to the source code and make bananas open from both sides.
it only takes two bananas to figure out where is easier to start peeling, how come this comes as news for anyone who's eaten more than one banana? o.O
It WORKS! Tried it last night. But what do you do with that icky end piece? Still had to get the knife or get my fingers all yucky in flicking it off. Never too old to learn new tricks tho. Thx
+Syca More thanks I was surprised that people didn't know how to peel banana :) Or it was such a problem :)
Oh yea.. So I opened like "monkeyz do", and now, someone told me that this is not the way a banana "opens". :)
+Takashi Matsuo, Here's my favorite way to peel a banana
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