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Paul Kinlan

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Woot Woot.
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Paul Kinlan

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*Save the date!* On May 9, registration opens for the Progressive Web App Dev Summit in Amsterdam on June 20-21

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Save the Date! Registration Opens on 9 May. Google and the Chrome team are pleased to announce that we will be hosting the Progressive Web App Dev Summit 2016 in Amsterdam on June 20th and 21st. The summit will be two days of talks, code labs, and access to the Chrome engineers to discuss the ...
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Paul Kinlan

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Vysor lets you view and control your Android on your computer: - hot damn. awesome! /ht +Paul Kinlan.
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Paul Kinlan

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If you are in the UK and can attend, looking forward to seeing you there.
Developers in London! We are running a Progressive Web Apps event in London on March 17th from 2PM.

If you want to learn why Progressive Web Apps are important and how to build them, then register to attend.

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Paul Kinlan

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A quick script to help you grab screen recordings from your Android Device.
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Paul Kinlan

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Some thoughts on how we can cleanly use the intent: Android URL syntax on the web across platforms
I was writing about Service Discovery the other day and I have some thoughts about how we can do inter-app communication on the web more effectively than what we can today. Interactions between web and web, web and apps and apps and web is something that many of you may know that I am passionate ...
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Paul Kinlan

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Paul Kinlan

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Sweet, a video of me is live. I love building on the web and for the web.

My #love4dev: solving real world problems & easily sharing w/ others all on the web: Share your #love4dev #io16
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Paul Kinlan

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Developer friends in India - We are running a Progressive Web Apps event in Bangalore on March 20th 2016.

We will teach you all about building great sites and apps that work everywhere and we will have a code-lab and workshop where we will help you build your first progressive web app.
Progressive Web Apps are experiences that combine the best of the web and the best of apps. They load quickly, even on flaky networks, can re-engage with users by sending web push notifications, have an icon on the home screen and load as top-level, full screen experiences.
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Paul Kinlan

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Every browser should support a style of 'intent:' URL syntax so we can easily hook up sites and services.
The URI is a handy thing, it's kind of like a Command Line Interface. A URI lets you target a site or an app and pass it data and then see a result in some form. Nearly everyone will know and understand that to load a web page we enter http:// or more recently (and more importantly) https:// ...
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I am going to be to get wife and kids if you want me to be your boyfriend
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Paul Kinlan

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What do we need from an app to app communication system on the web? Discovery.
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Chrome Developer Advocate @ Google
I am a Developer Advocate at Google working on Google Chrome.  I am here to help you build great software on the Open Web Platform in HTML5 and Javascript and change the mobile web.

I am the lead of Web Fundamentals (

I am also one of the creators of the Web Intents project. and a suite of kick-ass demo apps including:

Always looking for great teams to partner with!

I was the owner of Topicala LTD developing the next generation of RAD tools for smartphones.

Services I have created include:

Bragging rights
Launched Web Fundamentals
Developer Advocate
HTML, Javascript, CSS
  • Google
    Developer Relations, present
  • Experian
  • MCLSoftware
  • SwitchMedia
  • Qire
    Senior Analyst Developer
  • Topicala LTD
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I chose this hotel due to the proximity to my work, however it is a good hotel. The service has been amazing. Rooms are decent with comfy beds and a nice bathroom.
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Venue was fine, staff were great, however had issues with toilets and WiFi.
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