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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- When you go to work, there's a pretty good chance you'll spend a lot of time sorting through your e-mail. So can you imagine getting through your day without using it?
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W00t! Never 45 seconds have been more thought-provoking, insightful and so spot on as the ones from that video, Paul! Really good stuff! I will keep referring to this post time and time again, hehe Thanks for the heads up!
The folks at 9 did a great job of distilling the story
Yes. I check mine maybe once a week..just for the hell of it.
Almost too much to address here.
For #noemail in a corporate setting, see +Luis Suarez 's four years without email at IBM.
On security, as soon as your mail leaves your server (as it must) it's as secure as a post card left in Starbucks.
10 seconds seems to be just long enough to generate a long anxious angry post not only here but 10 other posts on the WRAL site.
Chill pill time?
My point is that email is unnecessarily at the center of our current communications. That need not be and it's probably a bad idea that is has been for this long.
BTW GetSatisfaction and its cousins have made many small companies and many of their customers very happy -- and you need not use email for that ;->
Peace, love and understanding.
+Melynn Elizabeth Glusman I'm a big fan of +Paul Jones too. Not quite godlike, but I'll give him superhero status. That's why I want to make sure it is understood that I wasn't trying to dismiss noemail, just trying to see if I could apply it to my day to day work environment.

But it does break. When I first read about this weeks ago, my first response was to write up a big e-mail with questions and send it to him. Obviously that wouldn't work, so I figured I'd call. But I hate calling. It's synchronous and interrupt driven. I'm not on Facebook or Twitter. When I saw he was on G+, I added him to my circles.

But as you can see, posting even the slightest critical comment in an environment of fans comes with its own risks. I watched the video above and I saw a 45 second piece that merely stated the problem and what Paul was attempting. I learned nothing that would cause me to change.

I run a software company that does support in over 25 countries around the world. We use e-mail to drive the support workflow. I'd love to learn about options if it helps me deliver better service to my clients.

But I'm also a person who needs convincing. Someone says e-mail sucks or is for old people, I'm going to take the opposite position just to explore the subject.

Perhaps I am a little old. This whole social network thang might not be for me.
i didn't watch the video, i skimmed your remarks, i made an offhand comment, i apologize. srsly, I'm sorry. and i still have email. and i'm going to bed.
Sorry, I had another set of thoughts:

The thing is, I have only the vaguest, most limited understanding of why Paul Jones is doing #noemail. But I know 3 things:

1) Paul Jones invented ibiblio
2) Paul Jones was the first person whom I had not met who asked, when I phoned him about a professional matter, "Hey, why are we not Facebook friends?"
3) Paul Jones knew about Julie Powell's blog before the book OR the movie.

For these reasons, I think that if Paul Jones permanently stops using email, then we all, eventually, will permanently stop using email.
To me it comes down to signal/noise ratio. Once a carcass has been covered by the maggots of spam and other uninvited guests, there comes a point when it is best to just walk away.
Just to be clear, I am in no way associated with the "balog" in the WRAL article comments.
+Paul Jones Thanks, Paul, for the heads up! I noticed how earlier on +Tarus Balog commented on one of the threads I opened up myself and shared some further insights in there on what my #lawwe has been since Feb 2008; just my ¢2 to add further into the conversation...
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