Lance Armstrong - Tour de Truth 2013 - A New Beginning?

This past week Lance Armstrong publicly admitted in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that he had cheated in winning his seven consecutive Tour de France titles by blood doping or with blood transfusions.   

Probably as most, I have been a casual follower of his career taking note as he continued to add win after win of the Tour de France.  Everyone loves a winning story especially one in which someone overcomes some extreme adversity, perseveres and through hard work comes out on the top at the end.  Lance fit that description.

When Lance moved to Austin, Texas, Austin adopted him as their own.  Lance was probably second in popularity to Willie Nelson.  Austin adored Lance.  On Friday, August 13, 2004 after Lance had won his sixth Tour de France, the city's red carpet was rolled out in his honor.

In the afternoon, Lance gave a press conference talking about his future plans.  Members of the press, television stations and magazine reporter were there as well as representatives of his Livestrong Organization promoting his charitable cause.

After the press conference, Lance rode in a huge bicycle parade from the intersection of Congress Ave. and Cesar Chavez to the State Capitol where a giant stage had been set up for a musical street concert that evening in his honor.  Estimates of 40,000 people attended that evenings concert to hear music, Lance speak and see giant video screens set up to review his cycling career.  He was on top of the world !

I have been a supporter of Lance and I believed him when he said he passed 600 drug tests in his career and not one turned up positive for anything banned.  I thought how could anyone deceive Tour de France's medical tests for seven years?  Eventually, Lance's house of lies came crashing down and the world now knows at least some of the truth.

For Lance to get things turned around in a positive direction, he is going to have to continue telling the whole truth.  I'm sure money is going to have to be paid back to those who have sponsored him and to those he has hurt in various ways.

Very importantly, he is going to have to apologize to his friends, former teammates, Livestrong and his family for what he has done and ask their forgiveness.  Some probably can't forgive and those bridges may be gone forever.  However, I do believe, in the long run if he does these things mentioned, he will begin this next era in his life with the potential of having the best ending possible given a very bad start.   

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