Throughout my years of experience after my first yoga teacher training intensive, I have participated in various trends, practiced in hundreds of classes, and interacted with thousands of practitioners. If there is one consistent refrain that I have heard over this time from students of all walks of life, it is this: “I practice yoga because it has changed my life.”


Mark was a fellow student with me when I was just beginning my practice as a student. He was tall, lanky and a college basketball player. I met him when he came home for the summer after his second year studying at university.

I was a little mystified by this huge athlete practicing yoga until he explained one day after our session, “College sports is a high-pressure environment, and I wasn’t successful because I was too wound up.” He went on to detail how practicing yogic techniques regularly helped him stay in the low-anxiety mindset that he needed to deal with pressure. “When my coach suggested yoga, I was a little skeptical, but it really has changed my life.”

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