When you are discovering how to become a Yoga instructor, you begin to realize there are many options. You could teach in a hot room, in a pool, in the basement of a church or anywhere else. The possibilities are endless and there are demands for certified yoga teachers in senior centers too.

Many of the same adolescents who embraced the Beatles in the 1960s are now in their 60s and turning to Yoga as a means of staying healthy and fit. According to the website of Duke Integrative Medicine, there is a demand for well-trained instructors to meet the needs of this quickly growing segment of the population, especially at senior centers across the nation.

Because muscles become weaker and less flexible with age, older people are more likely to experience broken bones and other disabilities due to low bone density. While Yoga techniques can easily be adapted for seniors ranging from sedentary to active, the job requires instructors with special knowledge of both anatomy and geriatric issues.

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