There are many different aspects to consider when you are teaching Yoga classes on a professional basis. As a certified Yoga instructor, you have the ability to teach classes to many different levels of students in a wide variety of settings. For example, you may find yourself teaching strenuous Power Yoga classes to a very fit group of college students on a Wednesday evening, and then a gentle, restorative class to a group of patients who are recovering from serious illnesses on a Thursday morning. 

In order to adeptly and effectively teach a wide range of Yoga styles, including various levels of classes, it is important to well versed in the foundational postures, as well as specific stylistic nuances. It is also important to be able to approach your students in a kind, gentle and respectful manner. At times, this may prove difficult for you. As you consider approaching one of your Yoga students during class, in order to adjust and correct a student’s alignment in a pose, it is important to monitor your own internal dialogue about that student’s practice. 

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