Yoga teachers work in a wide variety of settings, ranging from residential homes to urban studios. To meet the demands of students who have specific needs or interests, many instructors offer private lessons. Depending on the number of clients and the setting, teaching private lessons may also require business savvy, such as marketing and record keeping skills.

Four Reasons to Teach Private Classes

 • Walking into a classroom where students are more advanced or fit can be intimidating for first-time Yoga students. Private classes give them a head start.

• The world is embracing Yoga as a tool for coping with disabilities and staying healthy, but no two students are alike. In private classes, one-on-one programs can be custom-designed to suit each student.

• Private classes provide immediate feedback for the student, assuring that students learn poses correctly in order to avoid injuries and maximize benefits. A private setting also gives instructors a chance to gain valuable information from students.

• Individual instruction allows instructors to focus on areas of Yoga training that are often neglected in the studio. Examples are pranayama, meditation, chakra theory, mudras and spirituality.  In some cases, students are looking for guidance with stress management, controlling body weight or a specific aspect of fitness.

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