Can Yoga sessions that you design help your students build courage? As a professional Yoga teacher, there are an endless assortment of ways to creatively sequence a series of asanas, meditation techniques and breathing exercises to facilitate the vibrant good health and overall well being of your Yoga students. Once you master the basic elements of a safe and effective class, you will be able to creatively engage your students in a series of postures that elicit different emotional states, as well as strengthen and tone various parts of the body.

Choosing an accessible and challenging pinnacle asana is one of the most creative and intuitive aspects of being an effective Yoga instructor. Many teachers create a sequence of postures that is intended to culminate in the practice of a challenging pinnacle pose. A challenge pinnacle pose will be different depending on the composition of students in your Yoga class. For instance, on a given day you may have a preponderance of beginning students in your class, which will necessitate choosing a pinnacle pose that is challenging enough for your students, but not so challenging that attempting the posture you have chosen makes them vulnerable to injury.

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