Two great talks on web performance & mobile, covering techniques that you probably aren't too familiar with.

Google I/O 2011: Use Page Speed to Optimize Your Web Site For Mobile (slides in pdf:
- Walks through the network -> parsing -> rendering flow and the unique differences in mobile
- Recommendations:
* Use an Application Cache
* Defer parsing of JavaScript
* Make landing page redirects cacheable
* Prefer touch events
* Enable Keep-Alive Web Site Acceleration w/ Page Speed Technologies
- The asset combining and TCP Slow Start explanation at the start kinda blew my mind
- Domain sharding is no longer recommended
- New mobile perf recommendations:
* Use an Application Cache
* Eliminate unnecessary reflows
* Avoid excessive serialization
* Avoid long-running scripts

Also I should point out the Mobile Boilerplate Documentation:
Scroll down to Beyond Mobile Boilerplate and there's a lot more excellent resources, data tables, and information that's fundamental to mobile development.
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