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date.js was abandoned and the version on the homepage is buggy.

moment.js is supergood and should be your first pick for date parsing, manip and formatting. (Also it's a rebrand of which we featured on a while back)
Moment.js. Home; Documentation; Unit Tests; Github. Moment.js. A lightweight javascript date library for parsing, manipulating, and formatting dates. Get it. npm install moment Production Version 1.2....
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We switched out date.js for moment about a month ago and it's been great so far. Tim Wood has also been very responsive to bug reports and issues. Recommended!
Oh my god.. I seriously thought this was a sarcastic post to metaphorically describe "dating" as "date.js"... Haha
Features are not on par. moment.js "fixes" some date features but doesn't do well for human-readable "friendly" format parsing and emitting, such as "tomorrow" or "next friday" or "last April". Comparing apples and pears. Maybe good to use both. (PS found this on a Google search)
Yeha, moment is great but it's not on par at all. I'm actually working on an update of DateJS right now that fixes all the open bugs. It's not there yet but it's already more useful that the one available on the site.

Code (and issues if you want to open any) available here:
how to reference the file in an .aspx page
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