Developer Tools for Android WebView

We have full remote debugging for Chrome on Android and Mobile Safari, but poor old Android WebView doesn't have a lot of help. Here are the tools I know about so far...

Developer Tools:
* weinre : Basic inspection tools
* jsHybugger : Breakpoint debugging with DevTools GUI
* aardwolf : Breakpoint debugger written in JS
* mobitest : HAR network analysis for Android 2.3
* JSConsole : 
* logcat : The state of the art 4 years ago. Ouch.

* Google I/O session on WebView:
* WebView configuration changes:
* Enabling HW acceleration:

Non-WebView but related stuff
* Remote debugging Chrome:
* Remote debugging Mobile Safari:
* MiHTool:
* ios-webkit-debug-proxy:

What else am I missing? How else are you wrestling with the Android WebView?
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