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Continually impressed by +Yehuda Katz. His perspective on developer ergonomics hugely evolved my thinking of API and software design. He cares a lot about documentation; he helped expand the jQuery docs years ago and Ember users will have some excellent writing of his coming soon.

Lastly, he's investing his time in the future of the web platform. He offers his experience from jQuery, Ember and Rails on standards lists like public-webapps, whatwg, and public-web-perf. Developer POV in the standards process is often not provided, so presence there is hugely important.

(I should also point out that +Scott González, also from the jQuery Board, has also been quite active in DOM discussions lately) Three big cheers from me! Thank you. :D
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Rad post Paul! Greatfulness is so good for the soul. 3 cheers, and big thanks from us to you, and +1 for +Yehuda Katz !
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