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Now in Chrome, you can enable ES Harmony features.
Based on the v8 source ( we get proxies, weak maps, sets, maps, typeof semantics, and block scoping with this flag.
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always be playing and reporting bugs (and experiences)!
Are there safe ways to make JS code properly fallback to non-harmony optimized code?

Would I need to test the new harmony stuff for possible falling back by doing new Function(...)?
Yeah, safely use the harmony features when available, seeing as some of them could increase JS performance (const seems like one, and let does too).
Something to note is that enabling this flag breaks stackoverflow at the moment, I have only just realised that the two are linked...
this flag cause the break of facebook page display!!!
+Joseph Orbegoso Pea I ran into an issue using the AWS OpsWorks console with this flag on. Disabling it fixed the issue. I wonder what this flag actually does.
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