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Run indented code through this tool to post it on G+ and retain your whitespace. Score.
Every developer wants to share his work. And I'm sure that every developer has sadly realized that Google+ uses to trim leading whitespaces out from posts and comments, making posted code not so e...
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Except you can't copy/paste it to run it.

Honestly, I'd love github's ``` syntax, but even just `<code>` becoming a differently-colored box w/ monospace font would be a great.
Not for everyday use :-/
Somehow I liked the Google Wave's ability to add applications (even by URL) to a post
+Nick Markwell but you can copy-paste it to the tool and it'll turn it back to executable code (see “How can I solve it?” on the left)

That being said, I'd love to see github's ``` syntax too, and/or backticks to turn text into a monospaced font just like underscores turn it into italics.
G+ should get [Prettify] ... [/Prettify] syntax. It would really be useful for developers.
Yeah +David Strencsev, regardless of the implementation; color coding, language auto detection and retained code formatting on G+ would be +1
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