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Paul Irish

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All too often mobile forms make use of drop-down menus for input when simpler, more appropriate controls would work better. In this quick 4 minute video I highlight how simple stepper controls can be a useful alternative.
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The video explains a state-selector problem and then answers a quantity-input answer. 
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Paul Irish

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JavaScript developer and care about pageload performance?

I'm interested in help prototyping a page load accellerator. The project is a small Chrome extension that listens to outgoing requests, stores them locally, and then preloads those same requests on subsequent navigations to the page.  Based on my recent performance research, I'm estimating this would make the pageload of sites 3x faster, on average. Sounds easy enough but at scale, this can be pretty incredible.

Drop by and comment if you'd like to help. 
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Isn't this like simulating what it would be like if every site used service workers to cache their static assets?
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Paul Irish

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One of the big complaints about Chrome currently is that it's a battery hog, especially on Mac where Safari seems to do better.

The team has been working on addressing this; here are some cases that have recently been improved on trunk:

Before: Renderers for background tabs had the same priority as for foreground tabs.
Now: Renderers for background tabs get a lower priority, reducing idle wakeups on various perf test, in some cases by significant amounts (e.g. 50% on one test).

Before: On a Google search results page, using Safari's user agent to get the same content that Safari would, Chrome incurs ~390 wakes over 30s and 0.3% CPU usage vs. Safari’s 120 wakes over 30s and 0.1% CPU usage.
Now: 66% reduction in both timer firings and CPU use. Chrome is now incurring ~120 wakes over 30s and 0.1% CPU use, on par with Safari.

Before: On, Chromium incurs ~1010 wakeups over 30s vs. Safari's ~490 wakes.
Now: ~30% reduction in timer firings. Chrome is now incurring ~721 wakeups over 30s.

Before: On, Chromium incurs 768 wakups over 30s and consumes ~0.7% CPU vs. Safari's 312 wakes over 30s and ~0.1% CPU.
Now: ~59% reduction in timer firings and ~70% reduction in CPU use. Chrome is now incurring ~316 wakeups over 30s, and 0.2% CPU use, on par with Safari at 312 wakes, and 0.1% CPU use.

The Chrome team has no intention of sitting idly by (pun intended) when our users are suffering.  You should expect us to continually improve in this area.
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Paul Irish

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+Michael Grenier​ it's a lot easier to show a fake pop-up now that says "Google has detected that you have not used your Play account recently. Please enter your password to keep Google from closing your account" and make it look legit when the browser can show official pop-ups from Play store. 
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Paul Irish

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Are you using -webkit-canvas() or -moz-element()? Please share what you've used them for; the Chrome team is trying to better understand how these are used in the wild. Thx!
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It's too late now (-webkit-canvas is deprecated and removed), but I used it in my APNG-Chrome extension: Now it broken:(
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Paul Irish

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Frontend Performance often on your mind? Focus on frontend ops, measurement of user experience performance, and spend decent time looking at graphs and profilers? 

I've started a small mailing list to discuss this sort of stuff. Effective measurement, profiling, and development techniques to ensure a fast and performant experience for users of our sites and apps. Rendering perf, input latency, reflows, paint storms, hitting 60fps. 

I hope to build this list to be a community of the folks very invested  performance and we can use it as a channel for seeking guidance with sticky performance issues. Web developers and browser experts working together. :)

The group will start small and will grow as we ensure it's effective for everyone involved. Temporarily, it'll be semi-private, but we will make it public soon. If you'd like to be added, please sign up here:!forum/rail-discuss
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+Paul Irish mine as well
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Paul Irish

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Are there free tools/projects/apps for image "super resolution" aka well-trained image upscaling?

I'm mostly only finding academic implementations which are built for benchmarking and not really user-facing upscaling purposes.

Update: ImageMagick isn't too bad, actually. I went with one of these and am happy enough with the results.
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ImageMagick truly is magic! I was investigating color image metrics recently and found I could prototype with a one-liner.
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Paul Irish

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Size comparison of Nexus phones
Quickly made this to help me and my brother get a feel for the new dimensions.
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+Matthew Willis +Eddie Flow this might help you with your "size" issues. ;)
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Paul Irish

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Finally made a mobile device stand after doing a lot of performance testing. Big shoutout to Fedex for the cardboard; much love to staples, scissors and my personal favorite: binder clips. 
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How can I get it 
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Paul Irish

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Chrome will pause plugin content (e.g. Flash animations) to improve battery life: - give it a try!

"This feature will be enabled by default on Chrome’s latest desktop Beta channel release starting today, and will be rolling out soon to everyone else on Chrome desktop. If you need to manually enable it, just head to Chrome’s content settings and select 'Detect and run important plugin content'."
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Very useful, great!
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Paul Irish

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HUGE news! Chrome on Android now has a Dev channel available: This enables you to test cutting edge features earlier.

Grab it now:
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To bad I don't have an #Android device to try this out 😕, yet!☝️I learned about this at #chromedevsummit.
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Paul Irish

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Spent today talking performance with some front-end developers. Got a great sense of everyone's perspective, where folks get stuck, and how we could improve the experience in Chrome DevTools.  Big thanks to all the volunteers that jumped on a video call with me!

Original post follows:
I want talk to a front-end developer.. on Hangouts, like right now. :)

I'm working on some improvements to the profilers in Chrome DevTools and need input from you, the user.  If you've looked at the Chrome DevTools Timeline and want to use it effectively but feel like there's more to learn, then you're exactly who I want to talk to. I have questions for you basically exploring how you approach development and think about performance.

If you're up for it and available for the next hour or so, leave a comment below. (It's currently 3:45PM pacific on Saturday). I'll open a hangout chat with you and then we'll hop on video. Thx!
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Heard all about +David Carrington's work building mobile web platform tablet apps. Really fascinating stuff. 

I'm done for the day guys. Thanks everyone for talking to me! This was immensely useful.
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