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Paul Hurwood
I don't talk much... but the conversations I have with myself... man I just don't shut up.
I don't talk much... but the conversations I have with myself... man I just don't shut up.

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New Blog Post - Looking Back Over 2016 - Goodbye 2016 and a few other things! #roundup #hny

It’s pretty much a given that everyone thinks that 2016 has been a sucky year. It’s been a pain in the arse for a multitude of reasons for a multitude of people. If you had a hero in the world of entertainment, then you dreaded opening up your favourite…

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Please watch and share this video. The song is great, but the cause is so much more.


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New Blog Post - The Seaside - A bit about a day trip and a new Photography project.

A couple of weeks ago we took a family day trip to Margate. I hadn’t been to the seaside proper for a few years and we left in the morning with no real plans of what we wanted to do on our day out. This was the biggest mistake of the day. Having no plans…

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New Blog Post - Today = Confusion - How the referendum has changed the way people see each other overnight #euref2016

To preface to this post I want to gently remind anyone who reads this, that I generally refrain from talking politics outside of my living room, and even then it is usually me making fun of our elected (or not so elected) leaders. I occasionally wonder if…

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New Blog Post - No Crossroad For Me - #shortstory #horror #mentalhealth

This very short story was written over three years ago during one of my slumps and quite possibly done during the very early hours of the morning. I originally posted it to just to see what kind of feedback I would get. I had no confidence in…

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New Blog Post - A Gentle Come Down - - #MH #selfcare #agoodweekend

It is Sunday, it has been a busy week and I have been feeling it more than usual. Next week is even busier. Who knows how I will feel next weekend. Life seems to bring crazy periods into my life and in the past I would normally have kept going and just…

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New Blog - Forty-Two - I ponder on my Birthday, and thank everyone for not killing me yet -

I have never been afraid of age. I have been afraid of what happens around me as I get older, but as far as my getting older is concerned; it’s never really bothered me. I have progressed through my life taking one day at a time and only planning as far…

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Leave The Tackle Alone

In the days of micro mananging everything Kids do, should we be limiting a great oppotunity for them to grow and learn codes of honour? Rugby, it's all about getting dirty and getting in there!

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New Blog Post - Life's Annoyances - - What are Your Little Annoyances in Life?

I had intended to write a totally different post than the one I am setting out now, but after a day or so of contemplation dwelling on Death just doesn’t seem like a clever or sane thing to do at this time. Maybe at a later time, when my head is in a…

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New Blog Post - Rebel Rebel - - My thoughts on the passing of David Bowie. #ripdavidbowie

A few memories of David Bowie. I don't have much to say, just a few thoughts.
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