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I was into hating hipsters *before* it was cool.
I was into hating hipsters *before* it was cool.

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I've had this stuck in my head for a couple days now.  Stupid #WalterMitty.

So full of win.  I taught +Arwen Hounshell that my wedding ring is called "my precious" (with a deep gravelly voice).  +Macielle Montoya taught her "what does the fox say?" is "ding ding ding ding".

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I actually did know that.

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Christmas tree all set up.  As a bonus I stumbled across the "Twinkle" auto-enhance easter egg in Plus.  
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New conspiracy theory: Verizon wants people to keep their unlimited data plans.

For the majority of customers, the appropriate data plan for their usage level is roughly the same price.  For us it was a $10 difference.  Over two years this would earn them an extra $240.  But during those two years we'd get a subsidized phone, costing them around $600.  They net positive on the cash.

In addition they've essentially got customer lock-in.  We viciously fight to keep our unlimited data plan, refusing to change carriers.  Salespeople constantly try to switch us, leading to an "us vs. them" mentality that we feel like we're winning.

In the end, Verizon could easily sunset the contracts altogether and forcibly move people onto the appropriate data plan.  Maybe they'd lose a few customers all at once, but they'll lose them when they're done with Verizon and willing to give up on unlimited data anyway.

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So, one thing that surprised me about the XBox One...

We got it set up with my account and Macielle's and turned on Kinect sign-in (it uses facial recognition to automatically sign you in).  She was playing Assassin's Creed and having trouble with one part.  She passed the controller to me and as soon as I took it, the XBox paused and asked if I wanted to continue playing as Macielle or switch back to my profile.


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This is why I love comic book nerds:  "If you're an X-men fan [it's] really hard to suspend your disbelief and follow this skit"
Like I said on the Angel video, Iceman is an omega level mutant so if you're an X-men fan is really hard to suspend your disbelief and follow this skit

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There's a Bison in our lobby.
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