I had a chance to work with the Beta version of IEF 5 this week and thought I would share some initial feedback - I will do a complete blog post as soon as time permits.

Here are the significant changes / improvements:

- Full browser forensics is now part of IEF (helps remove price pain point)

Supports Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox

Artifacts support also now includes:
4 new P2P artifacts
See GUI screenshot I attached below for more...

Support has been expanded to handle both .E01 / dd images also support for:
- Native image mounting
- Native RAM captures !!!!
- New report viewer
- Processing is noticeably faster on my ASUS I7 field laptop vs version 4

A few other interesting things in this release - In file selection you can also now search:

Live RAM capture - the focus today is shifting to RAM today so this is huge
PCAP files - nice add in for network forensics !
Pagefile.sys / hiberfil.sys files - often overlooked / probable troves of evidence
According to the article at Legal Tech Directory users should be able to download a trial after Jan 30 at
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