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Paul Hebert

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Don't ignore a good tool. Don't abuse it either.
Double the Incentive – Reduce the Impact - Symbolist
Here's your #ProTip: Motivation is rarely the first reason for a lack of performance. In fact, it usually is the last reason.
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Paul Hebert

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Don't dismiss incentives as part of an engagement solution. 
Acting Our Way to Employee Engagement? Are Incentives the Answer?
Should we think about engagement as a behavior, not an outcome or a state of mind? Can “behave our way to engagement?”
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Paul Hebert

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Can you manage without power? Should you? #employeeengagement  
Treat Employees Like Volunteers
Here's a bit of a thought experiment for you – what would you do differently if everyone you relied on for your business success was a volunteer? I read a quote a long time ago – I think it was from Peter Drucker – that said something along the lines ofIf you want to really understand management, manage volunteers.I find that concept more and more indicative of what today's managers must do in order to drive performance within their organizations...
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That would be true Richard - and those companies should rightfully have ongoing difficulties. ;-)
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Paul Hebert

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Paul Hebert

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This is a no-brainer folks - only 4 emails a year and it will have interesting stuff.
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Great idea. I may steal it
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Paul Hebert

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Very interesting take on the "quantified" organization... me and a few other weigh in - good thing? bad thing? necessary or just another fad? Your call. Sponsored by +LBi Software an interesting read and an interesting format - Lightpaper by +The Starr Conspiracy 
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Paul Hebert

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Do we need another set of initials after our title? I think so. You?
Should We Require Manager Certification?
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Paul Hebert

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Before you hit that share button... think about it... #HR #socialmedia
This Is Your Brain On Social Media (And It May Not Be Good.) - Fistful of Talent
You can use those tools to augment your face-to-face efforts… but replacing them may cause problems.
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Paul Hebert

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Worry about employees BEFORE you worry about EBITA 
Improve THEIR Life – Not Yours (Engagement Defined) - Symbolist
Do you think about employee engagement from the employees' point of view first – or from your CFOs? That is what separates the best from the rest.
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Paul Hebert

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I know - heresy - but not really. Engagement first, then recognition. FTW.
Don’t Build a Culture of Recognition – Build a Culture of Engagement #Humanize
I’ve seen more posts and tweets about building a culture of recognition than, to quote my father, Carter has little liver pills. "A culture of recognition" has moved from interesting buzzwords to cliché at light speed. Seems every company with a SaaS solution that allows for Peer-2-Peer recognition has checked the “recognition culture” box off their 2014/2015 to-do list and are now moving onto big data as their next project.Now, don't misundersta...
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Paul Hebert

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Probably shouldn't share my post with the typo - but what the hey... you all get it and I've fixed it on the live site.... 
Have Horrible Bosses Created and Entire Business Coaching Industry?
Should managers provide business coaching or simply focus on functional output measures. Have bad managers created an entire industry of consultants.
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Paul Hebert

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The space between exhilaration and exhaustion.
Do You Leave Enough “Margin” for Your Employees? - Symbolist <Inspired by Drew Hawkins - Thanks!
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Vice President Solution Design
  • Symbolist - email is:
    Vice President, 2013 - present
    I design solutions that create long-term, emotional connections between a company and a specific audience. Technology has made it easy to "automate" many tasks in today's business world - but creating engagement and loyalty are not transactional and need to be driven from an emotional point of view. I work with companies to define and create that emotional connection and help manifest it in their recognition strategy, their incentive programs and their communications strategies. In addition, I speak at various HR and channel events, deliver white papers on the various ways to influence behavior and help anyone who asks!
  • I2I - A Marketing and Incentive Design Consultancy
    Consultant at I2I, 2008 - 2012
  • LoyaltyShares LLC - Email is:
    Sr. VP Marketing, 20011 - 2013
  • Excellence In Motivation
    Ex. Director Business Development, 2004 - 2008
  • Carlson Marketing Group
    Sr. Account Exectuive, 1984 - 2003
  • Delor Design Group
  • Rockwell International
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Just some thoughts.... you do what makes sense to you - 'cuz you know you will anyway.

I work for Symbolist:

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I have been interviewed by the BBC as an expert on influencing behavior and been quoted in USA Today (three times) regarding incentive travel. I authored a monthly online column for Incentive Magazine (Mach 2007 - August 2009 ), write the Incentive Intelligence - a top-rated blog on incentives and influence for employees, distribution channels and consumers, am a contributor at Fistful of Talent - a blog about talent management.
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