I was invited to sit in +Vincent Knight's first year Computing for Mathematics UG lecture this morning.  It took the form of a "Grand Council" whereby each of the 30+ groups had no more than 1 minute to share with the whole class what their 'company" was working on (taking the form of a 'product' (e.g. app) that has to be built using +Python).  

So I sat in the back row with my macbook and thought I might be able to also sneak in some work (tut tut); but I was TOTALLY absorbed by the session and was blown away by (a) the range of neat product ideas, and (b) the quality of the vast majority of the 1 minute talks. Standing in front of 160+ of and presenting concisely (and in many cases humorously) to your peers in the first year of your maths degree is no mean feat. This is something so different from their usual modules, but personally I think this totally complements their degree scheme to develop team working, entrepreneurial skills, coding skills, and employability.  Sweet.  CONGRATULATIONS to them all and of course Vince :)
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