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Possibly the best ever BBC News caption you'll see....
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Please tell me this actually happened.
He looks like a carpenter from a famous book..
LOL! Rasputin impersonator Simply great!!
Clearly there are a few things I do not know about their need for Rasputin impersonators. Good thing this guy is around to fill that demand.
Good Lord that's awesome !!!!!
That's what you get for dissing a writer's credit in the Watchman movie.
wow 105 +1's....How did that happen.. Who said there's no people on G+ BAHHHH !
Looks good on a resume'.

Interviewer: "Well Mr. Moore, though we appreciate your diversification, we feel that we have very little need for any Magic Missile spells.... unless they are over 5th level."
Yeah, all those deep and thought provoking daily math and science posts +Vincent Knight and what makes the hot list, a picture like this.. hmmm! :)
i don't think i could be a rasputin impersonator, i'd be too worried about people trying to kill me in exotic ways
+Paul Tomei Sorry by accident flagged a comment of yours "in appropriated", just in case you got a notify :-)
We've been looking for a Rasputin Impersonator for the kids' birthday parties... sweet!
That's what writing something like Watchmen does to you.
The guy looks like dumbledor.
remove the caption and someone would have guessed Wizard, or dude that looks like Merlin.
This guy looks like Tom Hanks character (Cast Away)
Alan Moore, the writer of The Watchman? He looks homeless.
Bit scary... I don't think he's Santa Claus... LOLSZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
MALL? MALL SANTA? In the UK?! I smell photoshop.

There's no such thing as a mall.
BBC World News America perhaps?
right- in the UK the ONLY "mall" is that road in London (near Buckingham Palace & Trafalgar SQ, yes?) and its pronounced "mal"... so, yes photoshop is highly suspected... love the Rasputin impersonator text though... lol
I think that BBC has news broadcast in America. Could this be on the America BBC station?
Haha!! Funny but its probably because Alan did not play the BBC game. If you watch the interview you can tell he's an honest straight up mofo.
(maybe Santa Claus meets Rasputin by way of Charles Manson)...
LOLS! Love the comments! Hilarious Jokes really!
lol, the guy looks fucked in the head. Man I don't think he even know where he is.
It is hilarious, did they put him on to mock him?
this guy looks like my friend braden
I wonder how many snarky commentors actually know who the person they are commenting on is?
he is now the most awesome person in britain. Love it :)
A legend, but an greedy idiot as well. Took money because he thought the movies wouldn't get made? Come on...really? Has never seen the movies but says that have "nothing" to do with his books? Seriously? The Watchmen was nearly a scene for frame copy of his comic right up until the end switch. Not to mention, he looks like a transient.

Perhaps it means something in England, but what does "money for old rope" mean?
+Kevin Glasgow Not sure which book you read but "a frame for frame copy", er, no, not by a long way.

& "money for old rope" means essentially money for nothing
Hahahaha he definitely looks like a wizard/homeless man lol
The Watchmen movie scenes copied graphic novels panels so closely that they even left spaces open for speech balloons.
guy from the movie castaway
It's not a good idea to upset a Wizard...
I'm willing to take the guy's word for it. Who am I to judge.

Call me if you need an apprentice Alan. Really.
is that gandalf from lord of the rings lolol 
Actually rasputin was in anastasia. He was the guy who had the royal family assasinated.
No, Rasputin was an adviser to the royal family. He was assassinated.
He looks like a homeless Robert Plant to me.
Wow, there's actually a place for "Rasputin impersonators?"
I'm going to start describing myself as a "hummus enthusiast"
He looks like Gandolf Jr.!!!!!
Oh my god, it's Dumbledore.. But wait, why is he here? Shouldn't he be at Hogwarts? Seriously though, that is the greatest BBC News caption ever.
nah he cant be at hohwarts hes dead remember ;)
I dream of having a news caption like that under my name some day!
xDDD this caption is super cra cra >:3
(laugh) I watched this interview and this guy is a Grade A Kook. If you can,,, try and find it. I am sure its on YouTube or something. Very amusing if you have time to kill
Look like me, only he is about 20 years younger than me!!
Like the original: Rasputin impersonators are hard to kill off!
laughing ok, if thats a Mail Santa, how can he be a Rasputin inpersonator? and how can he write books? lol jsut wondering
i guess the busy season for rasputin impersonation is during the summer, when mall santa gigs are at a low. he probably writes books in bars after he gets off work. or maybe he just uses wizard magic.
????? random.
He's lived more years than Nicholas Flamel!!
Looks like Moses would've. #JUSTAGUESS
Walt Whitman's ghost????? 
Who is this man? What is so great about him?
Well someone's bringing sexy back sarcasm 
Best graphic novel writer in history? V for Vendetta?
Who watches the watchmen? Apparently Alan Moore. I feel safe.
If he was a little bit bigger he could be hagrid!!! HAHA
He writes some of the greatest comics ever!
I still wonder how the BBC always seem to find all these people with less than normal careers
Truly a jack of all trades, but apparently doesn't have the guts to pen a swastika on his forehead to add "Charles manson stand-in" to the list. What might have been...
if you don't get the reference, you don't get the reference.
(hint look up charles manson, in a google image search)
Almost fell out of my chair reading that!
He's an old hippie and he don't know what to do.........
and yet his life is still not complete...
Wow, I've never seen a Writer, Wizard, Mall Santa, AND a Rasputin Impersonator in one. He is awsome.
That's gotta be one of the funnest things I've seen in a long!
well he defenitly looks like santa
...if only I had thought of it first! Dang you... Rasputin..
I would love to read his resume!
+Julia Tsang Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Green Lantern, Superman, Swamp Thing, Batman: The Killing Joke, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and many more
They said he could be anything he wanted. So he did.
Haha this actually made me LOL a while =)
HAHAHAHA i wounder if this guy is really serious? (he probely is..)
Knowing Alan Moore he probably wrote that himself.
Totally cool that is. How many jobs?!
I love BBC. They have the funniest stuff ever
His man is a legend! Would love to meet him. Thank you sir for writing so many things that kicked ass
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