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Paul Grenyer
Husband, father, software consultant, author, testing and agile evangelist.
Husband, father, software consultant, author, testing and agile evangelist.


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How much will my software cost?
The question we get asked the second most when speaking to clients and potential clients is “how much will my bespoke software cost to build?” This is extremely difficult to answer without lots of detail and even then the complexities of software developmen...

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My Fantasy Gig: Polish Death Metal
It’s no secret that I like death metal . Three of my favorite death metal bands are all from Poland. I’ve been lucky enough to see all of them at least twice individually, but never together. I’ve often wondered why they haven’t all toured together. I’ve ne...

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A Review: Express in Action
Express in Action: Node applications with Express and its companion tools By Evan Hahn ISBN: 978-1617292422 This is another excellent JavaScript book from Manning. It contains a great introduction to Express.js and I wish I’d read it sooner as it explains a...

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A review: JavaScript the Good Parts
By Douglas Crockford ISBN: 978-0596517748 Every JavaScript developer with a pre-existing working knowledge of JavaScript should read this book. JavaScript is a powerful and varied language, but it was developed in a hurry and there’s plenty wrong with it. T...

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Getting to the route of the problem
In 2016, Venkat Subramaniam wrote an incredible book called ‘ Test-Driving JavaScript Applications ’ which, along with JavaScript tools such as Mocha, Istanbul, Prettier and Eslint, have made me fall in love with JavaScript and Node.js (well for UI developm...

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Node.js the Right Way: Practical Server-Side JavaScript That Scales
By Jim R. Wilson ISBN-13: 978-1937785734 Node.js the Right Way is a fantastic little book. It’s a small book (but then it’s Pragmatic exPress) and it doesn’t go into anything in much detail, but then that’s what makes it fantastic. It gives a useful and pra...

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Know you hammer from your screwdriver: The right tool for the job
As software developers, we at Naked Element , are skilled and experienced in a number of different programming languages and aware of many, many more. Choosing the right programming language for a piece of software is as important as choosing a hammer to kn...

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Sign on the Dotted Line – Why Contracts are Important
Contracts might seem like something only big business needs, and many small companies work without them, but if your work is important to you, it is vital to have a contract in place. A well put together contract can make a business relationship stronger an...

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The Kings of Leon
Sheffield is in the North and things, well people, are very different in the North. They’re friendlier than other places. They apologise in a friendly way when they knock into you and several people run after your ticket when it blows away in the wind after...

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NorDevMag: Call for submissions
After receiving such a positive response to the nor(DEV):con magazines at each conference, we’ve decided to release a magazine outside of the conference too! Each issue will contain tech articles, local features, news and interviews as well as tech events i...
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