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+MrKistel - When you did the scaling fix for Photoshop on your high resolution computer, was/is your computer a 64 bit machine? Can't get mine to work.

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Q for the guru's. Need clarification on this question :

Am I able to text/sms/mms someone from the iOS hangouts app if they don't have the hangouts app installed???

A lot of confusion on the www.


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Q : I manage a G+ local listing.  I recently went to make some adjustments and there are now TWO Google+ local listings...same business.  Not sure what to do.  Thanks .  Website is :

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love, love, love this App.  Hoping it soon drops on iOS!

Someone in my circles has posted a public YouTube video which I would like to share with someone NOT using G+.

How can I share the video/link to the non G+ user?

When I type in email of non-G+ user and select "share," they never receive a link or notification of any kind. .


Anyone else having issue with downloading music on iOS ???

I'm not sure where else to go. I asked for support a while back and never got a response.  PLEASE HELP.

When viewing Google+ profiles (from several computers) the cover photo's are not showing up.  Instead of showing selected cover photo, the box on right is simply a dark grey image.  

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