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I have written a book on PHP programming which is in Kindle form and in print form through CreateSpace.  It was quite a bit of work to do the formatting but worth it.  The book is "PHP Tutorials: Programming with MySQL and PHP"

Has anyone worked with Google Play Analytics and Reports when selin g eBooks through Google Play

I have set up an eBook that appears to be live but when I go to the Analytics and export page views or anything, I get a blank spreadsheet.

I have clicked on he eBook a number of times and would have thought I would get something in the page view report but I am not getting anything.

Is the Analytics not operation al yet?


Is there any way of finding out what the PHP 'developers' intend to depreciate in the future?

I seem to have endless issues with my previous customers who run old versions of my applications and then it stops working when their server is upgraded.

It would be useful to know in advance what functions will be dropped so that I can remove those functions early.

While I am on the subject of depreciated functions, why do it.  What is the point in removing a function breaking gazillions of applications.

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Checkout our PHP-Keycodes which may be used to sell is used to sell licence codes, pin codes and so on, from your web site via PayPal

Post has attachment is a PHP script web site which has a number of applications:
PHP-eSeller is a digital download application,
PHP-Register is a script to register users to a site,
PHP-SecureArea is used to control access to areas of a web site
PHP-KeyCodes allows you to sell software licence keys

The web site provides full documentation for the applications.
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New version of book PHP Tutorials : Programming with PHP and MySQL.  Changes include improvements to security section and various formatting modifications.
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Hi, I have just written a programming book which is available on Kindle having struggled with the formatting.  Hope to develop it further and maybe do another with help from this community.
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