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Nice build up play finished with an exquisite volley/lob over the Pabrowiestein keeper.

This is my Become a Legend player, currently rated at 84, attacking midfielder, hole player. Moved to Fiorentina in January transfer window after a season and a half at RC Lens within Ligue 1.

Apparently Pabrowiestein are a fictitious team added within PES to pad out the Champions League, all license related bullshit.

Paul George

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New site launch, Elegance Star Concierge Services. Simple but effective, totally responsive and using PHP rather than static HTML. Makes editing a lot easier in future.

#PHP   #RWD   #Bootstrap    #HTML5  
Offering luxury tours, sports packages, property management, real estate, wine, art, luxury retail and events. Perfection is in the detail.
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Good info thanks
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Paul George

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Paul George

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The first long shot found in game on the opening Tobruk mission.

PSN: SlinkyWolfHook
XBL: SlinkyWolfHook
Twitch: SlinkyWolfHook

Paul George

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Thomas Müller volley from an Arjen Robben cross. Scored in a friendly match against Everton.

Paul George

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Lovely chip past David de Gea with my Become a Legend player on Pro Evolution Soccer 2015. The slight delay by Sturridge with the through ball is just one of the many minor details that makes Pro Evo a much better game that EA's FIFA series.

Paul George

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Bit of a personal triumph, because I built it!
Monday we launched our first #RWD  website for an Estate Agency named Websters based in Twickenham. Please take a look and you'll see that it adapts to whatever device you're using, be it a smart phone, tablet or traditional desktop based web browser.


What is RWD?: RWD is a design technique to allow for the creation of one set of content that has the minimum amount of panning, zooming or scrolling, irrespective of the device being used to view it.

On Thursday the 14th of November we held a seminar in conjunction with +Red Rocket Media and +Growth Track at The New Cavendish Club in London. Included wihtin this seminar was a presentation by +The Property Jungle about #RWD  (Responsive Web Design).

If you wish to know more about how responsive design could apply to your businesses website then you can download the slides that were presented at the November 14th event for a general overview.


Please contact us on 0808 1800 178 if you're curious and would like more information.
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Respect from my peers is a large motivational force as well as having my voice heard, I have opinions on most subjects and like to contribute to discussions. I have good experience of working freelance, within large corporate environments and small to medium businesses which gives me a good grounding in most organisations.
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