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+TMobile​​​ is there any way that you guys could look into the persistent lack of coverage on the i580 over at the altamont pass in Northern California? I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only person experiencing dropped calls in this specific section. For the past year and change that I have been a customer, I would drop calls in that same spot every single time. Unlimited video and music streaming is nice, but putting a tower would be a solid uncarrier move.

Htc one m9 with wireless charging would have been a welcome addition to an amazing phone. Smh. Pass.

+T-Mobile​ any chance you guys will add the Philippines to the list of unlimited calls with stateside international calling plan?

One of the few things I miss about my #palmpre was inductive charging. Sure the hardware and software could have been better, but there is nothing like not having to worry about wires when charging your phone or device. I remember putting my phone on top of the touchstone charger and watch it charge itself, no more fumbling in the dark looking for my charger and struggling to get it into the phone. Manufacturers should incorporate as much useful technology as they can and build upon it year after year, so consumers can get more bang for their buck and establish brand loyalty. Although I am an #apple fan and an #iphone user, I am intrigued about what #samsung would do next. 

As a laker fan, I wish they would have made a play to get jeremy lin. Great player, and looks like one of the more humble guys in the league. Knicks management told him to get his fair market value and when he got offered something good, refuses to match it. Melo even called the contract "ridiculous" when his contract is 23mil per and @jlin7 's is 25 million over 3 years.. Plus, the guy brings more to the table, asian community rallying around someone who could be a breakout star, jersey sales, renewed interest and excitement for the knicks at madison square.. Jeremy Lin brings a lot of intangibles and a significant return on investment to the team. And to make my point clear, he was told to get fair market value, and he did. 25 million dollars over 3 seasons. Go get your money, dude. It doesn't take an economics major at harvard to figure that one out. What would you have done?
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